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Friday, June 8

A Mother's Wisdom

Today, I am grateful.

I am also guilty. My mother truly is an amazing woman.

Not that I didn't already know that, but some things can be said time and again. Because of her, I’ve also decided: the #1 thing I need in a potential significant other?

He is a grateful man.

And by grateful, I mean that he knows what it means to appreciate. I know that it appears, at first, to be a rather simple and undemanding condition. But we all know things are much easier said than done. Even I have trouble remembering this at times. Human beings are naturally self-focused.

See, I figured if he is grateful--truly grateful and not all-talk--everything else is minor (or naturally, already fulfilled). Eveything else is simply a part of the quirks each person will have.

Since I know that the me-who-is-in-love is a me-who-gives-unconditionally. Love alone is would not be enough for me (I think this helps explain why I'm so afraid sometimes...afraid that I'll give my all and it'll go down the drain).

People could claim, “But, I love you! I love you with all my heart…more than anything else in this world, more than my own life! Isn’t that enough? Shouldn't that be enough???”

No, no, and no!

Of course, the Idealistic Hopeful in me would like to think so, but the Realistic Cynic in me knows better. It’s how you love. It's something you have to continually work at. Otherwise,a girl could end up hurt and disappointed—an unhealthy combination I live to avoid.

Simply saying you love someone may be enough for a time, but not for a lifetime.

They become meaningless words unless you continually make effort to give. They're words to be resented if not upheld.

And, I do not want to ever resent someone's love for me.

You can be lazy in many things in life, but not in how you live. Definitely not how you love. So while I may be a laidback (self-proclaimed lazy) Buddhist, I am still a Buddhist nonetheless and know how important it is to be grateful, to give in return for when you want recieve.

Because I tell ya, karma...she is quite the bitch.

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