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Friday, October 19

3 Brief Confessions (for once!)

Photography: The Dock & Parker's Pier by Derek Prospero

Courtesy of a meme from Dan.

He titled his 3 Things You Haven't Let Go.

Although, for me? It's more like 3 Things I Won't Let Go...


Simply put, I can't stop. I refuse to.

The first time I dyed my hair it was this dark reddish-brown the year before I entered college. Looking back, it benchmarked another new coming-of-age.

Which now gets translated into the "new quarter-life crises."

Either way, ever since then I’ve been dyeing my hair in varying degrees of reddish-brown roughly 2-3 times a year. I try not to dye it too too often so it's ironically fortunate that my hair absolutely RELISHES in growing extremely slow. I also tend to stick to the reds, but for awhile I was really diggin' the slight dark purplish hue called Iridescent Chestnut (though it totally freaked me out the very first time I applied it).

And once on a whim my sophomore year of college, I dyed it blue-black.

Most of the time I used Naturtint (with 3 exceptions where I went mainstream with Revlon or Herbal Essence). However, recently my mom and I switched over to using henna because even though Narturtint doesn’t have ammonia or any of the harsher chemicals, it still contains carcinogens like p-phenlydiamine.

Which builds up when a gal can't seem to quit dyeing her hair yet still hopes to live a relatively long and healthy life!

But I’ll end my babbling here as this is not supposed to be (yet another post!) on my hair.


I love wearing black hoodies.

Photography by Vy (sometime between 2005-2006)

But my only one is gone!!!

Actually, it’s been gone for 2 years and counting.

I miss it, achingly.

It's from the year I was vice-prez of CAS. The design, created by one of my good friends and his genius artistic muse, is of a phoenix. Hm, and that's interesting...I didn't realize how much curlier my hair has gotten since then! Like now, I've actual tresses kind of curly. I shall endeavor to find/take a more recent picture of me with non-straightened hair...


A prime example is when The Self-Proclaimed Monosyllabic Trio restlessly decides we ought to do something. This often usually always leads to an evening of Serial Impulses. Below is one of the "normal" pictures of me, posing by the gorgeous tree we became fixated upon on one such Serial Impulse occasion last Spring.

A tree we proceeded to climb--skirts, heels and all.

Never mind the curious stares of passers-by, of course...

Photography by either Vy or Kath, I forget...(3/23/2007)

Oh! And Keeyit asked for a photo of my younger sister.

So on a completely-unrelated-to-the-meme side note, here's one from when she was at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) this past summer for nerd camp. And I've no qualms in calling it as such because, well ah see, I went to it myself as a, young'un, too!

And, LOOK! She has the thick-Asian-hair gene that apparently decided to skip yours truly.

Photography by what I assume to be one of Keek's CTD camp friends.

What a goof!

The little upstart is demonstrating what I've dubbed "The Turtle Kiss."

And coincidentally, she's wearing the same sweater as me in The Tree picture above. Sadly, a sweater I probably won't ever see again now that she's taken such a liking to it...

Well, that's my Chosen Three--

Now on to the fun part! I'm curious to read 3 things that:

and Chessnoid

...haven't/can't/won't let go of.

Pictures appreciated. ;)

23 Musing(s):

BillyWarhol said...

gorgeous Photographs*

i wear my Jack Astor's Sweatshirts w/ Zipper but sans Hoodie all Winter long*

Sadly i had to start wearin' em this week*

I gotta win the damn Lottery + get my ass down to Costa Rica fer the Winter*


Anonymous said...

I love wearing black hoodies too! Since high school actually, but I'm in between hoodies now.

Thanks. :p This meme is officially third in line.

Have a great weekend! :D

Unknown said...

Gotta agree with everyone here, love those hoodies. People are so shallow but wearing big clothes, it's kind of like a hiding place where I can be myself, you know. Kind of.

And they're just SO comfortable too. Lucky me, since practically all clothes are big for a 5"5' guy.

Moooooog35 said...

As requested, here are three things I can't or won't let go of:

1) My sarcasm
I've tried. I really have tried to calm a nicer person...treat people kindly.

It doesn't work. It's like going on the Atkins can only do it for so long before you HAVE TO HAVE A FRIGGIN' COOKIE!!!!

Plus, I'm not nearly as funny when I have nothing to bitch about.

2) My disdain for flip-flops.

I hate them. I hate wearing them. I hate seeing people who wear them.

They're for the BEACH, people. The beach. They do NOT go with slacks. They do NOT go with dockers. If I see your flip-flopped feet under the bathroom stall wall at work, I'm reaching under there, yanking them off and throwing them in the urinal.

..and there's just something unnatural about having something between your toes that doesn't involve kinky sex.

3) My driving habits

I like to drive fast. I like to be there before everyone else. I cannot stand being behind someone, even if they're going 150 miles per hour...I need to be ahead of them. If you're old, and wearing a hat, it will just make matters worse.

Unfortunately, the local police also enjoy that I drive this way, and are happy to say thank you to me in the form of several citations a year.

How's that?

me said...

I can't be sure, but I think you were starting to creep the tree out.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you dyed your hair red =). Are you going to make it black again?

Suzie said...

wow hoodies I love 'em but it just to hot here to wear them... I bought a light hoodie from Old Navy but it is just not the same. Ugh maybe I need to move north?

jon said...

Awesome three things. Thanks for sharing them and for sharing your photos. :)

Joanne said...

Billy: Thank you. Yeah, weather has been weird over here, it gets fiercely cold and then warms up a little. Definitely hoodie-weather!

Lisa: Sweet! I’ll be looking for it. =) Haha, I don’t understand my love for black hoodies (and it’s different from my love for other colored hoodies), but then again I don’t understand many of my addictions, lols.

Daniel: Hoodies make getting ready in the morning a breeze if I woke up late or am in a rush. Sweats or jeans, t-shirt, hoodie…and I’m good to go!

Moooooo35: LOLOLs, I love it. I wouldn’t want your sarcasm to go either, it’s hilarious! Hm, you know, that’s interesting…I only wear flips around the house or in public showers. Driving fast, oh man, I love fast cars…luckily I have a lot of guy friends who like to drive fast as well (they also have developed superb police radar skills ;)

Vy: I’m a tree-hugger with a mission. =P

David: Well, dyeing it black would be too dark. My roots have been growing these past 6 months so my hair is sorta black now. When I finally re-dye it, it’ll probably be some shade of red-brown, as per usual.

Suzie: Haha, yeah, light hoodies do nothing as a wind-breaker…the wind cuts right through. I either need to invest in a thicker hoodie or double-up in layers underneath.

Jon: Thank you! It reminded me a bit of the 3’s meme you tagged me with way back when. Haha, I seem to be on a photo-frenzy…

Anonymous said...

Cool. Learned two new things I need to take note of. :-)

Not counting the hoodie photo (which doesn't show your face), I have now seen four different photos of you. You look like a completely different person in each one. Hmmm...

Joanne said...

Dan: LOLs. It's the angle of the camera, I suppose. Or because you've only seen pictures of me and not my actual person.

Anonymous said...

Sure. Or maybe you're one of those shapeshifting aliens my friend in the tinfoil hat warned me about!

Joanne said...

Dan: Haha! Shapeshifting, eh? Hm, why am I flattered?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Because you're alien? ;-)

Joanne said...

Dan: Of course I get the sparring partner who knows everything! But try to keep it on the down-low, will ya? =P

Anonymous said...

Okay, but if you're here to lead an invasion of Earth, I will stop you. ;-)

Joanne said...

Dan: Or you could join me. Btw, are you 1 of the 2 ppl subscribed to my comments feed? Your response time is like lightning! I'm compelled to launch one on your site...hmm...

Anonymous said...

Can I have Antarctica?

I'm subscribed to your blog feed but not your comments feed.

Susie said...

I will never stop dyeing my hair either. I feel my real hair color got mixed up with someone elses. I'm an redhead in heart and soal, but I got a dark blond mouse-like color at birth. So I believe somewhere in the world there is a redhead with a mousey dark blond soal.

I've dyed my hear red now for so many years everyone believes I'm really a redhead. :)

Nick Phillips said...

I used to dye my hair back in my younger days but not anymore.

Thanks for the tag, will get it done as soon as I can. Happy weekend.

Rolando said...

Awesome 3's. I like hoodies too, but they make me look even younger, lol.

That's you in the pic. You look taller than I imagined. Rare for an Asian girl (at least where I'm from). We need more pics :)


Hi Joanne,
Cool you are putting more pics of yourself.
My 3 things I can never give up are:
1. Can't stop playing video games
2. Can't stop looking at all the latest computers stats in ads, even though I don't need a computer
3. Can never give up eating popcorn and ice cream
Thanks for including me.

Joanne said...

Dan: Haha, sure.

Susie: LOLs! Yeah, I always get the comment (when I re-dye my hair) that I look really good as a red-head. Must be the skin-tone or something… Aw, then your natural color must make it really easy for the red color to show!

Nick: Yeah, hm…I can’t see myself ever stop dyeing my hair, especially when I get older (for the gray hairs, lols!!!)

Rolando: Hoodies are my bum days, I love it. Hahaha, I told you I was pretty tall…5’9”. Some days it feels normal, but then other days, I’m walking around and I feel like a freakin’ giant!

Chessnoid: Thanks for doing it. I can’t give up ice cream either.

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