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Wednesday, September 12

P is for Procrastination

You know a meme is really good when you Procrastinate it for over a week.

See, I’ve always found it somewhat easier to see myself in retrospect. To reflect on what I learned from the Past, creating a bridge of experience to the Present.

Then, it feels like I’ve achieved...Progress.

I ought to confess, last week I googled “7 P’s meme tag” to see if I could be motivated out of this procrastination slump. Apparently, the 7 P’s—like any meme I guess—are supposed to be a list of short definitions explaining how each word relates to me personally.

S’cuse me? Just one sentence?!

I love doing memes and all, but it's a Paradox that revels in screwing me over! I’m a blogger, which means I like to write…

...A LOT. Brevity is rather elusive in my world of words.

Ah, well. I never claimed to be one to follow the rules anyhow.

Erina, RolandoYou two are so Patient, thanks for the tag!

My 7 P’s


It’s ironic, almost to the point of embarrassment, how much this word (in the singular form) can scare the hell out of me. When I seek out passion, in myself and in others. When I deem it absolutely necessary to have. When I fiercely believe that life—without our driving passions to flood and magnificently blur the edges—would dull and empty.

Yeah, I find it’s pretty damn ironic when I define who I am by my passions, by being passionate.

Because ask me to define one passion?

I get antsy.

I find it difficult to name one because it feels as if I’d be excluding everything else I've a passion for. However, after looking back, I saw something that has stayed consistent all through the years. I saw how my passion for people connects everything I've ever been passionate about or for.

Passion is an emotion that should be present in all aspects of life. And for me, passion means being able to give. Whether it’s to my family and friends or to any endeavor I choose to undertake. To have a loving passion and compassion for the girl I was all those yesterdays.

For who I am, today. For the woman I will be, one day.

For all the people I am lucky enough to encounter.


Yikes, another tough word. It’s like asking, “What is the meaning of life, hm?” It’s always going to be something different for everyone. Yet we all need a purpose. We live purposefully because it gives our actions, choices…meaning.

So, what is mine?

It changes as I grow and develop. With that said, no matter how much I change, I am always the same person.

So, I think the most important purpose to have in life is being true to myself.


I am always in constant pursuit of the unknown.

I accept that I won’t always find answers. Actually, sometimes I prefer it that way. You know how they say people want what they can’t have. I pursue for a confirmation of my own experience.

I pursue because I’m afraid of missing out on what life has to offer me.


Daughter, older sister, friend, student, blogger.

I'd also say girlfriend, but I’m single. I wonder, would it be sort of weird to say future girlfriend, then? Hm, yes. Oh, well. That's who I, will be...for some guy. ;)



I really don’t treat it seriously enough. For as much as I attach an importance to time, I value people much more. In the blink of an eye, I can put everything on hold for the moment, a moment that can last anywhere from two minutes to 2 hours. Maybe this is an inherent tendency for procrastinators?

Either way, I never seem to have enough of it.


Like a turtle, but I don’t mind! Slow as they may be, turtles live long. ;)


Extroverted introvert.


See why it took me forever to finish this tag?

I like to think that by the time I got to my seventh P, I mastered my tendency to be verbose (hell yeah, did you see how I summed up my personality with only 2 words!). But truthfully, it probably has more to do with being laidback (read: lazy) than anything else...

Well anyhow, I couldn't choose 5 people, like I'm supposed to. But I figured since I already broke the one-sentence "rule" for this meme...what's another???

7 wasn't enough for me, I had to overachieve and torment tag 8 people because my curiosity is sometimes so very demanding like that:



29 Musing(s):

Anonymous said...

Here's what I just learned about you.

You are:
Passionately passionate
Self concerned
Always learning
Wishful thinker
People person
Savoring life

Really tailed off towards the end, but good none-the-less


And sorry I don't do memes :P

Joanne said...

Brent: Darn! I thought so, but I figured I'd give it a shot anyhow. =P

Anonymous said...

It all worked out :) Thanks so much though. It was nice to be tagged.

Anonymous said...

Is hard for me to answer the 7P. I guess I just go with the flow!

Anonymous said...

Very intersting list of P's you have there...nice to get to know a bit more about you!!!!

Rolando said...

The wait was worth it Joanne.

Awesome P's especially your first one on Passion.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I am an introverted extrovert!

I wonder if I've been tagged? Maybe I lucked out and it's another Dan, because the Dan link looks like Katherine. :-)

Joanne said...

David: Haha, going with the flow makes for interesting rides ;) Yeah, these P's were of the reasons why it took me a week to get around to it, but actually writing it only took a day, roughly.

Morgan: Thanks! It's so coincidental how your most recent post was about purpose being how we're on the same web wavelength! =)

Rolando: Aw, that makes me so happy, especially since it was the 1st P that I was stuck on the longest (hence it taking me so long since I answered the P's in order, lols).

Dan: Whoops! Haha, nope sorry for the false hopes. You are definitely tagged. =P

Rolando said...

It shows you too your time and put a great deal of thought and of yourself in that P.

Anonymous said...

Interesting 7Ps on you. At least I get to know you deeper again.. =P

Anonymous said...

Hello Joanne, I love your blog and in appreciation an award is waiting for you at "As The World Turns" blog. :)

Unknown said...

What an interesting purpose you have in life. Seems so naturally egoistic at first but then, when you think about what it really means, it somehow becomes pure. By being true to yourself, you're basically using yourself to channel love to others.

Sometimes in life, you find people that are just above and beyond. You give hope to mankind. Don't know what else to say, I just sincerely hope you won't make the same mistakes I did.

BillyWarhol said...

Yer Great!!

It is so EZ for me to Procrastinate having the attention span of a Gnat!!

thx fer poppin' by my new B$ Blog*

Muchas Gracias!! Billy ;))


p.s. I had to Laff seeing the Quote Today on yer Blog by Winston Churchill*

"If you're going through HELL, KEEP GOING!!"

Fantastic!! ;))

Anonymous said...

Here is what I get from your
You are in pursuit of an unknown passion, desiring to find purpose in a position of becoming a girlfriend, time feels as if its pummeling since your progress is slow due to your personality being so complex. Take your time your passion for people will lead you to the position you were in pursuit of fulfilling a greater purpose and showing that times pummeling fists truly did not slow your progress but instead added to the complexity of beauty that is your personality.

Lotsa love,

Joanne said...

Rolando: Thank you, and thanks for noticing. Passion is one of the words I do spend a lot time thinking about.

Keeyit: Aw, keeyit, you’re sweet!!! I agree, these memes are really great to do for personal blogging.

Thira: Thanks for letting me know, it’s feels really nice to be appreciated.

Daniel: You say you don’t know what to say, but you always do…and it’s always something really insightful. I’ve made (and will) mistakes, too. Don’t know if they’re similar to yours or not…but I feel all mistakes or bad experiences can be a good thing if you learned something from it, if it helps you to do things better the second time around.

Billy: Love your gnat analogy, I grinned when I read it! Yup, that Churchill quote is pretty awesome…it helped keep my sanity and humor while going through some rough sailing.

Kymerean: You summed up all the points into a summary I didn’t realize but now see to be exactly right. You give such perceptive support, and I’m so glad we’re friends!

Unknown said...

I get your point, I really do. And you know I agree with you. Almost, anyhow. Furthermore, what one says sometimes isn't accurate or enough.

I'll probably post my stuff in about... 10 hours or so.

Anonymous said...

I feel ya there....sometimes, 1 too many times procrastination takes over and not at the best of times.

Anonymous said...

Eheh nice how you confronted this meme. But you will never know the real meaning of verbose, until you explore the other side: absolute conciseness ;-)
My respects

Anonymous said...

That was a splendid way to get to know something about you.

I will try to carry on your tradition
when I can find some decent P words, words you haven't already used in such as way that makes them impossible to use again.

I am a natural voyeur, so though I do very few memes, I always reads them...

tomawesome said...

hey Joanne, I came here from Cooper's blog... aren't you glad you commented now? you got some good P's there. thx for sharing. and now I will read some more of your posts. btw, can there be an uptight buddhist? just wondering :)

Joanne said...

Susan: Haha, it also get magnified by more-often-than-not abulia (def: inability to make a decision).

Raqqash: Very true! Just like one can’t know and truly appreciate joy until after previously experiencing sorrow. Contrast serves not only as a point for comparison, but a point of better understanding. Oh boy, absolute conciseness…I think poems are good practice for this, haha.

Cooper: I be on the look out for it! Dan from found a neat website for P words I’ve never heard of, lols. It’s:

Tomawesome: Haha, thanks! Hm…Uptight Buddhist, that’s an interesting thought. I think I’d like to consider those unfortunate Buddhists as Laidback in Denial. ;)

Anonymous said...

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