the laid.back Buddhist has MOVED...back!

Tuesday, September 16

Squee...zed out.

Adrenaline junkie.

My professor said that in passing today…and I think I just might fall under that label. I survived that darkness of a burn-out experience once, yet I can’t seem to stop myself from pushing my limit again. Hi, my name is Joanne and I am addicted to the rush of new experiences.

Except now my packed tight schedule has close to zero flexibility because it is scheduled so back-to-back “perfectly.” Ha! Just remind me to pencil in a love life somewhere...

Anyhow, this week’s new commitments include:

1. Two hrs at a local Head Start.

Finally! I get to work with the cute-cute age group, haha…not that the rambunctious adolescents of last semester weren’t fun, too. But instead of snooty judgments on my fashion choices (“Long-sleeves with shorts? Interesting…”), I get to be an attention-magnet for 3 and 4-years-olds, who love my hair or shyly tell me that I’m “rewwy pwetty”!

Man oh man, I’m that easy.

2. Deciding that my body muscles have adjusted to teaching 3 yoga classes a week and thus, need more stimulation [belated memo from jo’s aching thighs: WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!] I promised a friend to attend a group fitness workout with her in between our classes on the days I don’t teach yoga. Then, only after Monday nearly killed my legs, I figured I found my edge for this week already…or so I thought.

“Uh, is Wednesday’s class more intense than Monday’s?” I’m almost afraid to hear the answer.

She nods emphatically, “But it’s really good…and if you come, I promise I’ll make it to your Thursday class.”

I groan in defeat.

…so now, I just hope I can still walk come Friday.

Winston Churchill