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Saturday, November 10

7 Things You Don't Know, But I Do

Yikes, I'm so behind on my memes.

'Bout time for another one (I’m also behind in replying to comments for the past 3-4 previous posts!). So I'm jumping around because...uh, this is the shortest one on my Memo of Memes To-do list.

Tag is thanks to Rich! And Mitch! <--exclamations to point out! How they rhyme!

Here goes:

  1. I can’t fall asleep until my feet are warm.

  2. I believe in destiny. I believe in fighting it so that I can say I found it and not the other way around.

  3. I love cartoons and animated movies. I can fall for a guy who isn’t fazed when I choose Over the Hedge for our movie night.

  4. If I drink coffee, I like it black. I usually opt for Japanese green tea, preferably Shincha (the first harvest of Sencha) and from Japan. I know, I’m such a tea snob like that.

  5. I’m a Chinese elementary school dropout. My speaking fluency is mainly due to growing up on Chinese drama/martial art TV series. My reading ability was further honed by the Chinese subtitles for Japanese and Korean drama series. My writing ability is stuck in the fifth grade. But that was good enough for me to once be a TA for a university-taught Elementary Chinese for thought, huh?

  6. I did not wear make-up until I was almost 19. Mascara is too much effort most days. I stick with eyeliner, some eye shadow, and chapstick. I refuse to put on foundation of any sort unless it’s performing on a stage.

  7. In high school, I liked to torment tease my mother with proclaiming my intentions to have children by going to a sperm bank. When she was struck speechless, I knew I had struck gold. However, she was able to quickly recover and swiftly warned me I better watch what I say or karma is gonna get me and I’ll have smart-mouthed brats who enjoying torturing their mother.

  8. Hell yeah, I got rice, bitch.

Who's next in line?

My blog sparring partner, Dan. Of course.

And Lisa, to see what other brilliant randomness she can send my way. Mr. Kimchihead because his stories intrigue me. Mcgee. Even though she already confessed some secrets, I want to see if there are any other ways I can relate to her awesomeness. And because I can never get enough of Susie and her thoughtful musings. Marc, for being so freakin' fantastic and talented. Abba, who already gives me a generous dose of kick-ass attitude with each post...but I want more because damn if I'm just greedy like that. MissMrs: this is karmic return, haha. And good thing, as I just realized I forgot to add your meme to my to-do list on the sidebar! Jason. Words can't express, only laughter. What's next? Zesty, who needs to tell me what LTTP means...Love That Titillating Post? Like, Totally Too Predicatable?!

You can tell meeeeee. *pats halo above head and smiles winningly*

42 Musing(s):

Anonymous said...

Wow! I dropped out of Chinese elementary school too! Actually, I never attended one. But, that's close, right? ;-)

I did want to learn Mandarin at one time. Bought a course, but never started it. Maybe someday!

Lisa said...

I grew up on Chinese martial arts movies but I didn't learn much of the language. I wanted to go to Chinese school (to speak, what was it? Oh, that's right, JET LI'S LANGUAGE -because I was such a cool twerp like that) but my dad wouldn't let me.

Thanks for the link love! Also, the thing rocks.

Airam said...

I need warm feet too. I'll go so far as to pull my socks over my pj pants too.

Anonymous said...

I used to do something of the same nature in high school. I would be told by my dad to "behave" any time I left the house and I'd respond with "Don't worry, I'm holding off on having kids until my senior year!"

Becka Robinson said...

HaHa! I'm excited for this might be my Sunday afternoon fodder. Thanks for the tag, and adding my meme to the list (finally) ;)

Susie said...

Thanks for the tag. Now I have to reveal even more of me, soon there will be no secrets left :)

Susie said...

Hey Joanne, just stopped by to tell you I've done the meme now. I tagged Rolando amongst some other guys and Rolando even did his before I thought of telling you I've done mine. :)

abbagirl said...

omg. i can't stand cold feet, either! i must wear slippers at all times. if i go to bed, and my feet don't get warmed up, i end up sleepless and cold the whole night until i get off my lazy bum and grab some socks to pull on. :) so i feel ya on that!

dude, thanks for the tag! and in case you didn't already know, you are seriously full of kick-ass 'tude, too. i totally dig it!



Shelia said...

Joanne, you are not a tea snob (only because I don't consider myself one), we simply have refined palates, LOL. I am exactly the same way with Japanese tea! And mine specifically has to be grown in Shizuoka (primarily because I spent an incredible summer there). You'll have to tell me if you have an online place where you pay reasonable prices for this tea. I pay through the nose for good Japanese tea. I only buy the powdered. If you have a good source, let me know.

Joanne said...

Dan: I’ve never learned a language through a course. One of my aunts is a university professor in Taiwan and I remember she tried this thing where she taught English to her students with the aid of US television shows (e.g. friends). One of my other good friends learned Mandarin by doing a 6 month internship in China, learning basics through a course helped him…but I’ve found it’s the same for me growing up (in our trips back to Asia), being submersed in the culture forces you to speak it.

Lisa: HAHAHA. As much as I love Chinese martial arts movies, the Chinese martial arts DRAMAs are way cooler (at least, the quality ones are). The is so addicting for me, I do it at least twice a day…must. get. past. level 42.

Airam: Omg, I’ve done that, too!!!! I felt like an insanely huge dork, especially when I do it with my fuzzy socks or thick wool ones, ahaha.

Holly: I learned how to tease my parents from how they teased me. All in good fun =)

MissMrs: LOLs, yup I love sharing secrets…such scheming bonding time. ;)

Susie: Yeah! I saw the technorati ping from both of you guys. I think I wrote this in a comment on Rolando’s page, but it’s so awesome how sharing networks with other bloggers means I get to read answers to a meme of people I didn’t get to tag, haha!

Abba: Hahaha, thanks. =) Yeah, I have my mom’s body type where I get easily cold in the winter, but cool off faster in the summer. It’s funny because my dad is the opposite and so, in the winter my mom is always snuggling with my dad and then in the summer, she’ll yelp in indignation and slap his hand away when he tries to take some of her coolness, lols.

Shelia: LOL, thanks! ;) We drink loose leaf (and have the powdered kind, called matcha, sprinkled on desserts), and generally get our supply from when we go to Japan (which is roughly once a year). When the supply gets low, we’ll go to this small Japanese store up in Maryland where they carry imports. We’ve never ordered online, so I can’t help with any advice or tips on that =(

KA said...

hell yeah! GOT RICE BITCH? Got rice? got luck everytime you roll the dice?

I twas definitely a high school them song of mine!

Joanne said...

Katana: YESSS!!! Someone got it (lols)! Ahahah, yeah high school was definitely my rap phase, that song was a classic. Even now, I still love listening to oldschool rap like 2pac or Dr. Dre.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!! I loved the 7 things meme.

Anonymous said...

I stopped at Level 42. I didn't try to get higher. I figured that was a good stopping point. ;-)

My completed meme will be posted just as soon as I figure out who my victims, er, taggees will be.

KA said...

HELL YEAH i got Got Rice ;-). It's one of the greatest Asian Pride songs out there.

The Chick said...

I'm totally addicted to that rice vocab game now! I had to stop at 1000 grains and do some other work!

Alexis said...

I love "Over the Hedge," and more than my fair share of kids' movies. :)

Valley Girl said...

You don't need makeup! You're pretty w/o!

Stealth said...

I, too, cannot sleep with cold feet. The problem? I can't sleep with socks on. Another reason to hate winter.

Anonymous said...

I can't fall asleep until my feet are warm either, but I can't sleep in socks!! It's awful, lol.

Thanks for linking to so many other great blogs!

Anonymous said...

Level 43. :-)

Anonymous said...

Level 46.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! I'm a cartoon junkie too! When I feel bad or low, break out something animated.

I'm so glad it's not just me!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to like Over the Hedge, but where do you stand on Flushed Away (one of my absolute favorites).

And yes, many folks make strange faces when I pick animated movies over anything else! LOL! Must be that part of us that says, "Grow up completely? You're kidding, right?"

Fruity said...

I wish I can read and write in mandarin. I am still learning to speak at the moment :)

Anonymous said...

Oh-oh! I tagged you over on my blog - and then came and read that you have a backlog!

Sorry to add to the list! It would be nice to read you thoughts though....

Katelin said...

I love cartoons! And I seriously just watched Over The Hedge with my boyfriend this weekend, haha. Gotta love it.

mcgee said...

hahaha you crack me up. thanks for the tag and link love. look for the meme sometime this week on my blog.

now here's how I related to YOUR awesomeness:

1. me too!! omg...i can sleep if my feet are freezing. sometimes i piss j. off because he gets warm fast and i'll put my cold ass feet on his legs and he'll yelp from the shock. haha.

2. amen sistah!

3. me too!! when we first saw the previews for OVER THE HEDGE, j. was the one who was all, "we have to see that!" and i was all, "i love this dude."

4. i love green's my favorite kind.

6. oh my goodness...on the foundation, the only time i EVER put it on was for the stage. can't stand it on my face otherwise.

8. you better believe i gots rice yo. that's a great link.

okay. sorry for the longest comment EVAR.

Toadee said...

Here is my tr-posted reply ;) (because I'm not easy to get rid of.)

I'm a lot older than you Joanne and I still don't admit to wearing make up.

I used to want to work in a sperm bank until I realised it was all done with test tubes!

Anonymous said...

hilarious list! i can relate to almost all of it, especially the ones about makeup and if you replace chinese with my parent's first language - but no matter the temp, my feet must be unswathed and freezing cold for me to fall asleep!

shiera said...

haha! cool!
My brother and I always watched those Chinese martial arts drama during our grade school days. Of course, we didn't understand a single word of it and there was were no subtitles but we mainly enjoyed watching those costumes, the fight scenes with all the flying!

Anonymous said...

I got caught up in that rice thingie (got over 300 in just a few minutes) that I almost forgot I gotta get my heiny in gear and get moving to teach.

Damn you word games!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I've been reading it today instead of working. You're an excellent writer and quite clever.

Oh, and personally, eyeliner is so much harder than mascara! I can never get it right, and I've been practicing for 10 years.

I'm adding you to my google reader. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the artsy-fartsyness of chinese shows. Well, perhaps not so much Jackie Chan but there are tons through netflix. It started early, like when I first discoverd Kung Fu. Crushed I was when it was discovered that grasshopper was not actually chinese, nor the show.

Ah, but hey.

You crack me up, J. Why for you need mascara?


Anonymous said...

I NEVER go anywhere without my chapstick. I buy in bulk, because the thought of running out fills me with terror. I always have like 4 spread around the place so there's never one far from me.

Anonymous said...

I only drink my coffee black, too.

Nice to meet you! :)

Kimchihead said...

Thanks for the kind words. I don't know if I can divulge seven secrets, though. It might be a "TMI" kind of situation. ;)

snacknuts said...

LTTP = Late To The Party

BURAOT said...

you are indeed a funny and pretty gal. cheers!

Julie Q said...

Bless your heart, I'd be so happy if I didn't have to apply foundation! And very true with the cartoon movies, I'd pick Shrek over a scary movie anyday :)

Greeneyezz said...


I too can't fall asleep until my feet are warm.
And I'm still laughing at your torment, Yes...Torment, of your mom about the Sperm Bank.
Ohhhh...what we put our parents through in our teen years....and all to get a *rise* out of them!


Joshua David Hall said...

feet gotta be warm, but NO SOCKS! GAD i hate having socks on when I sleep.

Winston Churchill