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Monday, February 16

This Crazy Life

I'm so behind in updating what's going on in my life, from my winter vacation trips to Japan and Taiwan with my mom to sending out grad school apps last week...

That we're just going to go with what's currently on my mind.

Yours truly has nails! Which, by the way, is an absolute bitch to type with. And to take out contacts with. I swear it's a battle to gently scoop my contacts out each morning without ripping 'em.

It's a gift to myself...and boy, we're having a love/hate relationship.


I was curious, you see. The Impulsive Genius in me decided that she was utterly fed up with being unable to go longer than 3 weeks without biting her finger nails.

My DIY solution? Put a barrier up until I'm used to breaking the habit.

Brilliant and all except now I'm pretty sure I'll forget I have 'em and break a nail. I know... Like, oh my god.

Hmm. Eyeliner at age 18. Started plucking eyebrows (under the sadistic tutelage of my favorite roomie Vy) at 19. Pierced ears at 20! And now...the grown up tomboy has got herself some snazzy-looking nails. Although to be honest, I don't know how long this will last, especially if I get the urge to play some pick-up basketball.

But it's funny how such a small detail literally changes the way my hands move. Because picking up that pen from the table takes some skill, no joke. I'm used to grabbing things like whatever, but now I have to sorta sweep my fingers together to pick up anything.

Even typing right now looks unusually graceful. Granted I'm not typing as fast--like I said, it's a love-hate fling with these nails.

On a completely different note...

My one-way ticket to Vancouver, Canada is booked for July!!!!!!

Winston Churchill