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Friday, April 27

Random Culmination of Literary Outbursts

LANGUAGE is SELF-REFERENTIAL. [kudos to kath's Buddhism class]

"Give me a wildness no civilization can endure."
-Henry David Thoreau

The mother of excess is not joy, but joylessness.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

"It is the fault of fatality."
-Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

"But she was so pretty. He had possessed so few women of such ingenuousness. This love without debauchery was a new experience for him, and drawing him out of his lazy habits, caressed at once his pride and sensuality. Emma's enthusiasm, which his bourgeois good sense disdained, seemed to him in his heart of hearts charming, since it was lavished on him. Then, sure of being loved, he no longer kept up appearances, and insensibly his ways changed.

He had no longer, as formerly, words so gentle that they made her cry, nor passionate caresses that made her mad, so that their great love, which engrossed her life, seemed to lessen beneath her like the water of a stream absorbed into its channel, and she could see the bed of it. She would not believe it; she dedoubled in tenderness, and Rodolphe concealed his indifference less and less.

She did not know if she regretted having yielded to him, or whether she did not wish, on the contrary, to enjoy him more. The humiliation of feeling herself weak was turning to rancour, tempered by their voluptuous pleasures. It was not affection; it was like a continual seduction. He subjugated her; she almost feared him."

I am a fool, surely.

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