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Saturday, June 23

Calm Before the Storm?

Currently burning music on blank DVDs for baby sis.

It’s funny, I found some old Korean music videos on the USB…some of them were a throwback to highschool. Discovered that I am a teeny-bopper still. Lovely.

Also found old AIM logs on USB. Apparently, had not deleted some AIM logs with A. Read through all of them again. Surprisingly, was able to smile and laugh. We are cute. He makes me laugh, that I can’t deny. He may drive me NUTS but he also knew how to melt my heart. Oh, well. It’s getting better. I think (dearly hope) that the worst of the recovery has passed. At least, seems like it has.

Or, I could be getting ahead of myself like usual.

Also am currently listening to Fallout Boy, the Infinity on High album, over and over again. Makes me think of Tony. I keep playing Hum Hallelujah in particular. Love it! It’s one of my favorites and also Tony’s favorite. Christ, I was so relieved that he got sent to Kuwait and not Baghdad. If he got sent to Iraq again, I’m pretty sure I’d burst to tears on the spot.

What is with all this emotional crying lately? I thought it was just PMS, but my period came 3 days ago. My eyes well up with tears so quickly nowadays. It sucks because I don’t know how to fix it.

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me.

Though, it’s a good sign that thoughts and reminders of A haven't brought up tears lately. Maybe the worst of it has indeed passed.

But then again, I do tend to get ahead of myself like that.

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