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Tuesday, June 26

Changes Galore

Well, not really.

Just adding some things to the site here and there (i.e. renamed my blog, from Blue Moon to Play the Fool, to now...She Plays the Fool). And, playing around with widgets. I love that word, it's so funny-sounding!

Have made good my own pinky-swear not to track his facebook, but then again does it really count since we're now keeping up an email correspondence? Aha. Here I go over-analyzing things yet again.

I will update with another batch of "Remembering Memories, II" later, maybe even tomorrow. After I finish taking a practice test and responding to his third email...

FYI though, we've currently passed discussing food and the environment, and it now looks like it's gonna be sex and politics.

Safe topics of conversation? HA.

Oh, boy. What a dangerous combination, and what a silly pair of fools we are.

And so she plays the fool, once more.

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