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Tuesday, July 17

Phone, No Can Do

Right before bed last night, I accidentally heard an old voicemail that didn’t get deleted.

Hearing his voice so suddenly and after so long, my heart quaked. Hit repeat. Yup, I am completely seduced by the way he said my name. Another repeat. And, I’m somewhat…ridiculously delighted it wasn’t deleted. Repeat, again. Because dear god, I still love how his voice sounds.

Then an arrow of clarity manages to slice through my silly cloud nine...

“This message was sent today at 3:23 PM.”

Holy SHIT.

Please stay on hold while I flip out.

2 Musing(s):

Barbara said...

Who is he? Who is he? Who is he???

Joanne said...

hahaha, I guess he could be called an old beau.

I'm doing better with getting over him with each passing week, so maybe soon I'll be able to write about our pseudo-relationship.

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