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Wednesday, August 15


...Doesn't even begin to describe my present internal state frazzled nerves. Although, on the outside, I just seem slightly quieter than usual (only my mom can detect any outward sign of stress, but then again she's mom).

See, I've lots to say right now, but with all the packing left to do and dealing with high-strung nerves (because my score release is between today and Friday, EEK!!!)...I really don't have the quality concentration it takes to flesh out a thought to a full-fledged post.

So instead I will draw attention to the left sidebar to a new list I started, "Sites of Varying Degrees of Interest."

Haha yes, I do frequent Men's Health, the sex and relationships column in particular. I'm always interested in the male perspective...and for improvement. And, I must admit, some of the most insightful advice and honest words have come from my guy friends. They rock.

Hm, this reminds me of another amusing personal quirk...or rather, it's more of a confession, but either way it'll have to wait.

Because if I sit in front of my VAIO any longer with no idea what my score is (or when I'll know), I'll surely go insane. If I haven't already.

2 Musing(s):

StHalcyon said...

Ha ha ha! Now I don't feel so bad for reading Cosmopolitan and This Fish for women's perspective!

brookem said...

hi there joanne! i found you through brandy and just wanted to stop by and say hello. looks like we frequent a lot of the same blogs. looking forward to reading more of you.

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