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Wednesday, October 10


You know how some things are really good for you but they get pushed to the side because a little something like...oh, I don't know, LIFE grabs a hold of you?

For example, there's me forgoing the morning green tea fix in order to sleep in a wee bit longer. Or, instead of getting up to take a shower, I decide it MUST be a hat day and promptly proceed to hit snooze 3x.


So I guess it's not really a Life issue per se and simply me being a lazy bum.

Ah well. On Monday (the 8th) marked the conclusion of my university's FALL BREAK aka Columbus Day Weekend so lots of sleeping-in occurred, and, almost.

The original plan was for me to visit home to pig out on my mom's cooking, play some pick-up basketball with dad, take back some clothes my little sister snuck from me, self-cut/henna-dye my hair, etc.

Only that didn't exactly happen.

It's very reminiscent, especially of last year when my focus was completely swallowed up by work/studies and I only came home for the breaks (which would then be cut short due to RA duties). Therefore, the reality was me calling home apologizing that I had a lot to do, none of which would probably get done if I went home for the weekend...

"Okay, it's what you want to do," My mom had replied over the phone, but before I can say thanks she nonchalantly added, "Just don't forget that you need to come home at least once before Thanksgiving break to pick up your plane ticket."

"....ah?"So that's why she insisted on buying it!

She's an expert at getting me to do what's good for me.

And yes...believe me, I am quite aware that flying home when home is only a 4-hour drive away is rather excessive.

But last Thanksgiving Break I had to endure 10 hrs of the Greyhound bus to DC, a 14-hour flight to Tokyo, another 2 hrs to Taiwan....only to repeat the experience again 6 days later. The only difference on the way back was that I was struggling with food poisoning, jet lag, and a 6-hr bus ride.

Ah, good times.

So as you can well imagine, when my mom told me the yearly trip to Taiwan/Japan was planned for Thanksgiving Break again, I was more than just a tad anxious. I was downright fearful.

Which is why, as much as I support public transportation, I'm extremely grateful that I can take a 1-hr flight instead of the Greyhound again.

And, I'm making the trip back this weekend or next...or next-next. I was leaning towards this weekend, but that was before I realized that something is going on this Saturday night that I don't think I want to miss, hah...

Either way, this means I must immediately start detoxing myself so that I can pass my Mom's Ritual Health Inspection:



Down to 135 lbs and has plateaued, check.


Nope, been Dr. Hauschka-ing the face and neck every day (habit my mom helped us young'uns develop, for me it's been since high school) and the unscented version of this sunblock on the arms (and legs, if I'm wearing shorts, capris or a skirt), check.


The ends were getting dry but has since been fixed with this, check.


Been remembering to floss, check.

Any scrapes on my shins?

Nope! She checks for this because when friend took me mountain-biking on one of the nearby trails last spring, I got pretty beat-up (this includes falling in the stream) but holy crap! it was worth feeling so bad-ass (excluding my whimpers when it stung like hell in the shower)...cha-cha-eck!



Irregular, very.


Good, but not as rosy as when I'm recuperating at home. I need to cut back on sweets, drink more water, and re-stock on the daily face lotion I ran out of yesterday.


Unfortunately, it seems I can't do hot/cold showers once the weather becomes colder, but they're doing just fine due to my Apricrot Scrubble.


So-so, I've been getting lazy about moisturizing my legs after the shower. However, now that the bees, gnats, flies are dying down, I can finally begin using my rose lotion.


Fruit intake?

Besides the daily banana, it's definitely been lacking. Especially in comparison to how much my family consumes, we don't call my mom "Fruit Queen" for kicks!


Sadly, only once a week nowadays. If even.

Less meat, and if so, organic?

No, but I have been cutting back on the non-organic, uh, well if you ignore the fact that I had 15 Bdubbs chicken wings Tuesday night...

I think that covers it.

But before OPERATION DETOXIFICATION FOR MOM'S STANDARDS can be initiated, perhaps I should finish devouring my Au Bon Pain chocolate croissant. I mean, it's bad to be wasteful, yes? ;)

Oooh, and that double-chocolate muffin is looking pretty good right about now, too...

No, no, no!







30 Musing(s):

Holly said...

Wow, your schedule to keep in check with what your mom looks for is more extensive than my work list! I endure pretty much the same thing from my grandmother, now that I see her every few months, when I only live about 15 minutes away from her. I know, I know, visit more, but I'm busy, and hey, she raised me telling me that I need to work, work, work! Mostly, she focuses on my weight, as it shifts all over the place and one day I'm a size 12 and the next, a 10. It's a bit mind boggling at times to keep up with it and she refuses to listen to the "But I don't eat a lot of sweets!" lecture before she gives me her own on how I must drink too much soda because I'm "breaking out again." Good times!

I really want to get into Yoga. Lets see...First of all, I need a mat...Then I need to know what it is I'm doing...I'm still "looking into it," as you can probably tell.

Joanne said...

Holly: Soda is pretty dangerous, lols. Luckily I only get the soda-craving once in a blue moon because I grew up in a household where soda was permanently banned. Plus, all the white sugar and high-fructose corn syrup causes wrinkles!!! Man, I'm starting to sound just like my mom, oh dear... But yeah, you should definitely try out the whole yoga thing by checking out a class sometime (you won't need a mat because it'll be provided), it does wonders for building body strength while keeping our female curves. =)

Stealth said...

Late night snacks are my weakness, too. I can say no to anything, eat only healthful foods and workout everyday. But 9 - 10 pm rolls around and I am scavenging in the kitchen. I made a deal with myself that if I must have a snack so I don't lay awake listening to my stomach growl, it must be either fruit or yogurt.

Your mom sounds aweome!

Joanne said...

Stealth: Yeah, it's a near-fatal weakness. I think it was on Oprah a long, long time ago where I heard that it's during those demanding late-night growls that your body is burning calories and if you can curb it, you'll be successful in maintaining/losing weight. Hahaha, I think that's one of the reasons why our house goes through fruit so's the favorite snack of choice. Although, sometimes when you want ice cream with toasted poundcake and a slice of angel food cake, you just gotta have it!!! ;)

Lisa said...

New here. This is a bit off-topic but I've been going through your archives and I heart you! I'm Filipino-Chinese so I can relate with a good number of things you write about. I'm adding you to my blogroll, okay?

Joanne said...

Lisa: Awww, that makes me smile straight to the heart, thank you! I'm off to add you to my blogroll and check out your archives (the first glance at your site layout looks really nice already!), haha! =)

dcr said...

You know, Halloween is coming up soon. The point of that is that you can readily get makeup kits for creating scars and other nasty looking wounds.

I'm sure you can see where this is going with regard to the inspection of the currently unblemished shins.

dcr said...

Oh, and if you do try that and she gets upset, you can blame it all on Pete!

Rolando said...

That is some regime Joanne. Not sure how you do it? Are there even enough hours in the day to do what you need to do?

I hope you pass Mom's inspection :)

Joanne said...

Dan: Oh, mom would FLIP out! Like when she did at the beginning of the summer after she saw my sandal tan ("Get your dirty feet off my leather chair, young lady!" / "Mom, they're clean. It's MY TAN."), HAHA! Whoa, whoa...are you actually including me in a conspiracy this time?! Aw, how sweet...!

Rolando: It's definitely a juggling act, but once you make it habit, it's all good. =) I hope I pass inspection, too...I've got time to make sure I do, that's for sure, haha.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I cannot stop eating chicken is a little embarressing, but I can do 30. easily
Good luck with the inspection LOL!! You sound well prepared to me :-)

xtina said...

You + Me = ROAD TRIP.
10, 6, 4 hrs.? We shall fix that.
Remind me to make a list.

I'm a tad excited about Sat. Not gonna lie.

lol @ Mom's Ritual Health Inspection.
I'm glad mine's not as vigorous since it only includes 5 of the mentioned categories, however 2 of them can be lied about if necessary. It's a shame how terrible I am at it (guess which I'm referring to)...

Joanne said...

Speedcat Hollydale: OMG, yeah I can't give it up, even if I know it's non-organic chicken pumped with who-knows-what. Thanks for the luck, although I still feel like I'm missing something, hm...

Vy: Hey, that's right! You and I have never done a road trip (trio has, definitely, many times). Let's mix a music selection for it, I'm already thinking of "requests" =P Ahhh yeah, and saturday night is gonna be...interesting. Charge your camera. ;)

keeyit said...

You seem a wonderful lady.
Your mum also.. Alot of checklist need to go through.. Hehe..

dnordstrom said...

I think you and I weigh about the same, since I was down to 125 a couple of months ago. Is that really supposed to annoy me?

Plateau; you're saying you want to weigh less?

Since I don't know your body, I'm not 100% on this. But I would probably suggest a painful 1600 kCal a day, and upping(?) your cardio to 4 days of mid-intensity or 5-6 days of low intensive training per week.

It all depends on your current shape and routines. Also, you should drink a lot of that green/black tea and don't be afraid of the good fats.

Mr. Nordstrom's guidelines:
No soda. No white bread. No fast food. No snacks. Ever.

The only thing you really need is discipline and the rest will take care of itself. That goes for every point on that list.

Hmm. You didn't really ask for advice, did you?

peteej said...

Dude, I used to henna my hair (back in the day when it was long). It made my hair glow - no, radiate! - in the sun. I always ended up breaking a glove or two while applying the stuff and ended up staining my hands.

I agree on the mountain biking. Insane rush of adrenaline if you're willing to risk breaking bones. We had this narrow single-track that was about a quarter-mile long, downhill and surrounded by baby pine trees. There was just enough room for a bike to pass through and it was fast! Pine needles smacking you all the way down. Never wrecked on that one, but had some serious bruises from other crashes.

Going to have some tea right now, since you mentioned it. :)

peteej said...

Oh, and it's DCR's fault. Always. :)

And if ti's another Pete being referred to, it is still DCR's fault. :D

Ehav Ever said...

Wow. It sounds like you are going to boot camp when you go home. I remember how once when I visited my mother after pledging a fraternity she checked my arms for tatoos or brands. Of course I didn't have any and she knows I never would, but she had to check anyway. My mother is big on checking the place where I live is clean.

conan_cat said...

oh my, that sounds like a downright painful journey back to home! as in the one from taiwan back to US i mean haha. you sure have a great mom there that's willing to give you the best :D if it's my mom she'll prolly ask me to take the 4 hours bus ride... cheaper wert XD

and nevermind that 1 yoga per week... i've been missing yoga for weeks already... XD haha yeah, i'm a lazier bum than you :P

Joanne said...

Keeyit: Haha, thanks. Yeah, my mom’s really big on health for our family. And the funny thing about the checklist is that it grows every time I come home because there’s another thing I wasn’t paying attention to that I should’ve, lols.

Daniel: Well, I’m 5’9” if that’s any consolation. Yeah, last summer I as at 147 lbs. Over the course of last year to last spring, it fluctuated between 142-145. By the end of this summer break, I was 138. The goal is 130-132, so yeah, I am working on it getting it down to that. And I don’t mind the slow progress. A healthy routine (and my body) takes time to develop, keep up, and it’s constantly being adjusted to fit my schedule as it changes. I’m not so big on saying “never” because I’d think it’d be reverse psychology for me, lols. I generally just make sure it’s in moderation (and little in comparison). Haha, don’t worry about offering advice—it’s very sound. Our family has been following that (and other health guidelines) for years…my mom’s the expert in this area, for sure.

Pete: Well, for the past couple of years, we’ve been using the natural brands at Whole Foods but have since converted over to using henna. I can’t do the usual chemical ones (Revlon, herbal essence, etc) because they burn my scalp. OMG, the rush adrenaline is amazing, I totally agree…as I literally hadn’t gotten so scratched/bruised up since my elementary school days!

Ehav Ever: LOLs, that’s exactly what my mom likes to teasingly call it. Oh jeez, yeah I never pass inspection when she checks my place/room, even if I super-cleaned the night before, oi.

Conan: Hahaha, well I think my parents felt bad for me. I have to come back on a Wednesday so if I were to take the bus, the only option for me that day is the torturous Greyhound. It’s so easy to skip a yoga class, but when I do keep it up regularly, I feel so much…better. Not only that, I generally sleep better as well.

meleah rebeccah said...

Holy. I though I was busy.

(I cant ever get enough snooze button action. I will choose a hat over waking up any day of the week!)

mikkers said...

Aw, I think it's very cute that you and your mom have such a close relationship. Though I think all our mom's are a bit concerned about how their children live. Mine is always encouraging me to eat more, so I actually gain weight when I go home! noo!

And what is so exciting this Saturday that you are skipping a visit home for yummy food and a plane ticket? said...

Hey, Joanne! Thanks for visiting (and commenting) on my site! As you know from my post, I love reading new blogs. I can't wait to read more of yours! And...I'm adding you to my blogroll! :)

Susan Suarez said...

I just came back from the dentist...I need to remember to floss! :)

mcgee said...

hi =)

found your blog via 20somethings. i'm still working my way through your archives, but i love your writing and will definitely add you to my blogroll.

happy (almost) friday!

Bananas said...

Love it. I do a self-check every time I go home too... and am always sadly aware of how disappointed my parents are sure to be. But they have to like me anyway since they ARE my parents. Love your blog!

Adrian said...

Hahaha You're pretty funny! I like this Ritual Health Inspection by your Mom. I'm gonna show it to my wife and see if she wants to use it for our daughter when she grows up one day LOL Cheers!

Julie said...

Hi Joanne,

I am so glad that I don't have to go through that checklist! Good luck with that! I hope that you manage to have some fun during your Thanksgiving break!

dnordstrom said...

Sounds like you have a more subtle attitude towards your body than me, which I think is great. And from what I've read and seen, you seem to be blessed with a great body type that can easily be sculptured to fit your desired shape and condition.

I hope you'll take care of it, though I don't doubt you will. No matter how things turn out, I'll be here reading about it. ;)

And if you ever need any help with those plateaus, you know where to find me. :)

Joanne said...

Meleah: LOLs, you know I thought changing my snooze to 5 minutes instead of 10 would make me hit it less…nope! I hit that button more than before now, haha!

Miki: Yeeeah, I always gain weight initially when I go home before it plateaus off. But the slight weight gain makes my skin look way healthier. Saturday night’s Kath’s Andrew’s 21st. For her sake, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

TCP: No problem! I’m glad you enjoyed what you read…you’re already added to my linkage, haha.

Susan: I always forget to floss! So, hahaha, I’m quite proud of that one…I should get extra points for remembering…

McGee: Thank you! Hm..yeah my archives, especially the very beginning of my blog, sometimes gets pretty emo as I was dealing with heartbreak. By the way, you’re on my link list as well!

Bananas: Haha, thanks! I’m starting to think there has to be at least one thing for my mom to find dissatisfaction with…otherwise there wouldn’t be anything for her to “fix” when I come back.

Adrian: Aw, thank you. =) LOLs!

Julie: It does get bothersome sometimes but it’s good for me when I have a tendency to slack off on certain things, especially when Life gets busy. She helps ensure I develop good habits! Yup, I’ll have fun…but will definitely be much more careful.

Daniel: Thanks for your support! Part of staying healthy is keeping tabs on each other. =)

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