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Thursday, November 1

This Is What Cold Weather Does To Me

The range extremes of my day-to-day concerns will worry while simultaneously amusing me.

I’ll be contemplating the next city I want to live in. Next moment, I consider how some kind of lonely my bed seems with just me in it.

I’ll be imagining what I might possibly see myself doing in the next couple of years. After re-verifying that those particular possibilities are endless and will be unexpected as per usual, my mind wanders off into a realm of infinite different sorts of possibilities: namely, (un)comfortable spooning positions to sleep in.

I’ll be thinking about what work I need to do first and when’s the best time to complete it, then I’ll be calculating how much sleep I’ll allow myself tonight. And before I know it, I’m yearning for some warm body to wrap his arms around me as I drift off into sleep.

I’ll be sitting in The Lyric (a small, cozy theater downtown complete with a balcony and velvet curtains!) with Kath as we watch the oh-so uplifting Rape of Europa on Halloween night (because we be cool like that)... Then, sheesh! All this talk of the Germans unwittingly reminded me of that certain German/French boy who broke my heart and is currently in Germany.


You see what I have to put up with everyday?

I’m going to bed.

Yes, in a threesome...called me, myself, and I.

16 Musing(s): said...'re going to bed with you and yourself. A 'ménage à trois' of sorts, no? ;)

Sorry...couldn't resist. Can you tell it's past my bedtime as well?

keeyit said...

Happy Halloween~

Magari said...

How do you make a guy who doesn't even know you blush?

Your writing has gotten slightly more personal and if I may say, its as if its about to come out of the closet.

exciting stuff :)

Tis a cold and lonely Halloween. Make it a good one.

Nick Phillips said...

Hey Joanne, One thing I never have is having any problems sleeping ... LOL! The moment my head is on the pillow, I'm out of it :D


oh, i feel the same thing, how lonely it is for me to be at work when everybody else is enjoying their holiday, i have to think of that threesome thingy later when i go to bed, hehehe

cbenc12 said...

ilove sleeping in cold weather!! but soemtiems very hard to fall asleep tooo..

peteej said...

Sounds like the title of this post should be "what one month left in the semester does to me." Hang in there. Mini-vacations are good. I'm taking one tomorrow for the UF homecoming festivities. :)

jon said...

Holy moly, Joanne! All of your options are wearing me out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne, this is my first time reading your blog. You have an interesting way of communicating and I like your headings on the left. I'll have to return and read some of those.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Joanne. I moved my site. Send an e-mail to me at and I will send a link to you.


Shelia said...

While someone is away and you're having trouble sleeping, EXERCISE daily. Run, job, clean the yard, just make sure that they are all outdoor activities. Then, a glass of wine/cognac (if you drink), if not a nice calming tea with dinner, a hot shower, a 'lil bit of blogging and you'll be out like a light guaranteed!

Just get outside and occupy your mind with all things not inside as much as you can. It works! I know.

If it gets too cold, cook a new recipe from scratch everyday.

dcr said...

I guess the cold weather turns you color from black & white because your photos have all been touched with technicolor magic! ;-)

meleah rebeccah said...

"And before I know it, I’m yearning for some warm body to wrap his arms around me as I drift off into sleep"


I have been ALONE, as in PAINFULLY single for well OVER a YEAR now.

I was fine and content with that. I do well on my own. I rather enjoy my alone time, and I like having one less person to take care of or deal with....

However.....those pangs, those feelings have been hitting me harder and harder lately.

Joanne said...

TCP: HAHAHA. Ohh, it always seems like it’s past my bedtime these days. I work myself to the point where I can barely keep my eyes…it does make for very deep sleep, though. But then, when I sleep in on the weekends, I’m hit with the craziest-whack dreams!

Keeyit: Thanks!

Magari: LOLs. Hm, I thought my writing was always personal…? Haha, but now and then I do have a fleeting moment where I think, “Wow, am I really going to post this!?” Most of my earlier stuff (like, when I was struggling with moving on) is pretty raw, personal stuff.

Nick: Ahahaha, sounds just like the men in my family, too! Like, my mom often jokes how it’s almost like a competition to see who can fall asleep first because my dad snores like no other AND he can fall asleep faster than a blink of an eye.

Lord Manila Stone: Haha! Well, as much as there’s the kinky appeal to threesomes…twosomes are more than enough for me fantasize about as is, lols.

Ben: Mmmm, yeah! Love sleeping in winter when (1) I have a huge, fluffy and warm comforter and (2) I can sleep in. Cold weather makes it so very hard to get up in the mornings!!!

Pete: Mini-vacations and 3-day weekend getaway trips are the best! It’s similar to the advantages of 10 minute power naps, I suppose.

Jon: LOLs!!! Ahahaha, and I barely skimmed the surface with this one. ;)

Marion: Thanks, haha I figured highlighting some quality posts on the side is a good idea, especially since I never know what the most recent post may be for a first time visitor! Look forward to see what you think about some of my older posts. =)

Stealth: M’k, sent!

Shelia: Hahaha, well it’s not really an issue of “someone away” and more so a “no one,” lols. I enjoy being single (esp. since I’ve practically been most all my life thus far), but I’m also no exception to bouts of loneliness. I don’t settle for something meaningless, but I’m human enough to whine about it, HAHA. But yeah….with all my work and stuff, usually I fall asleep pretty quickly.

Dan: LOLs…yeeah, I kept getting a lot comments about turning the B/W into color, so I made it happen, hah.

Meleah: 7 months for me. Wow, time sure flew by. It’s sort of a surreal feeling, though, to have been single for 20 of the last 21 years of my life. And then, now I’m back to being single after knowing what having someone feels like. It’s def. an up-and-down cycle where I love being single again and actually find it quite exciting to feeling frustrated with all those lovey-dovey couples holding hands as they walk blissfully by. That doesn’t sound bitter at all, now does it?! LOLS! ;)

the frogster said...

I think the next city you live in should be NYC, so we can go out and get bubble tea together.

I love my wife very much but I HATE going to sleep while touching someone. So you should figure out if your potential arm-wrapper-arounder is a "no touchy sleeper" before getting too serious.

Joanne said...

Frogster: LOLs, well I LOVE visiting NY...great food, and yeah haha no worries that they don't know how to make Bubble Tea! Actually, I like the cuddling before falling asleep...I've slept alone for so many years that for me to actually sleep, it has to be side-by-side. =)

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