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Tuesday, May 1

A Lazy Buddhist Ignores At Own Peril

“We live in a moment of history where change is so speeded up that we begin to see the present only when it is already disappearing.” –Ronnie D. Laing

After personalizing my google homepage, it has become the source of many a gratifying distraction. I get a new quote every time I refresh! National Geographic picture of the day, ooohhs! Word of the day, aaahhs! And, for the agnostic mind, daily horoscope as well. Scusi, I well, eee! (the jaded cynic is getting the best of me, bite me--I'm sad and tired today)

Every once in a while, the generic horoscope is so damnably relatable...

Horoscope for Cancer: Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

You might be somewhat uneasy today as emotions come to the surface. You may be stimulated by new ideas in ways that could threaten your stability, but it's not smart to avoid the new information. In order to take something to the next level, you will need to be flexible enough to let go of what you currently have and trust your instincts.

Now see, I was raised in a home that did well not ignore coincidences, especially the coincidences, and omens in life. Superstition never ruled our life, per se. However, the general rule of thumb was that if you happen to see it, you’d do best to pay attention to what it could mean…otherwise, why else would it chose to cross your path?

It’s a very Buddhist way of thinking, but I am, well, more the laidback sort. Although, I believe the technical term could be…Zen. But, you see I happen to really like the idea calling myself a “Lazy Buddhist.” Ha.

I’m attempting to cheer myself up because I discovered some disturbing news first thing this morning. Oliv is not returning to Res Life staff next year. Why am I always the last to know these things? Damn it. It was so unexpected, too…everyone assumes I’m already in the know for some reason. Oliv had told me that she had a gift for me, and the contents of the card that accompanied it…tore my composure to pieces.

(In a pretty mini-card so wonderfully Olivia)
“Jo, I feel so bad that I did not come back to cover duty that Friday & Sat and that you in turn had to instead. Your strength of character and endurance during this time has absolutely amazed me, and thanks again for taking care of me recently—your concern and hugs were a huge comfort. As you have heard I’m not going to be an RA next year—and I’m really going to miss you… But your presence on this staff has been such a blessing, and I will treasure the times & conversations that we have had immensely. I love you! ~Olivia.

GAH. Aww, how I do love Oliv!

In moments of rationality, I know that this’ll be the best choice for her, and I’m happy for that. Yes, perhaps even a bit envious. On the downside, she is the last of the people I'm closest to on my staff.

Honestly, next year is starting to look depressing. Or maybe, this year was just too amazing??


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