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Tuesday, July 31

Facebook Mirrors & Confessions

Wow. Just realized how losing 7 lbs has changed me from a year ago.

Looking at old pics of me tagged on Facebook, I realized I hadn't noticed the difference. Which explained why I was always surprised when other people said during the year that I lost weight and looked good. I look in the mirror everyday, and I always feel the same. This summer I've worked off another 5 lbs and toned up from yoga... I wonder when I see new pics of myself with friends if I'll have another surprised "wow" moment. Or if, I'll have to wait another year before I see a difference?

I've plateaued at 139 lbs (goal is 132). Damn, those last 7 really ARE the toughest, especially because I've always had a small tummy since the 6th grade when I stopped swimming competitively (and finished my growth spurt).

Reminded that I need to trim my hair. I've been abuliating about having bangs again for a MONTH now. I oughta just make the damn cut, so that I have some weeks to grow it out a bit if I don't like it. Really wanted to try something new, but am impatient at growing bangs out. Perhaps I'll be able to come to a compromise and try long bangs...? Eh, we'll see.

Ack! Okay, and I confess to looking at his Sweden pics. I was apprehensive of the aftermath feelings, but they were more sweet (surprisingly) than anything else. I don't want to label another entry in his name (because he is the #1 topic I post about, again due credit goes to my Tag Cloud), but...had to be honest, especially with myself. Grrr.

I also confess that I've been thinking of skipping out on my 6 AM yoga class tomorrow. *guilty eyes*

This is why I'm stuck on 139, hah.

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