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Tuesday, July 31

5 Signs of Serious Attraction

Well, at least the 5 tell-tale (physical) signs for me.

Often in (and inclined to be protective of) my own world, I’m a hopeless case at being a flirt…I’m much better (and more at ease) with the aim of making friends and sharing laughter. Shoot, I’m usually the one being teased instead! But IF I start to like a guy after getting to know him a little, well see, something happens...

And this something turns on this flirtatious drive to seduce (and to be seduced).

My body language becomes directed towards and focused indirectly on him. Just him. In a crowd, he’ll stand out and everyone else is a blur. Beyond simply sharing laughter, I want to make him laugh. I become hyper-sensitive to him and any touch of his makes a lasting impression. And so you see, common parts of his body suddenly become of Much Interest to me.

For fun (and for my own future reference), I’ve compiled a list of some tell-tale physical signs my crush is getting some kind of serious.

And, because I’m on a list-making frenzy, apparently.

  1. I like his hands.
  2. I get caught up in his smell.
  3. I think his butt is cute.
  4. I like touching his hair.
  5. I find his voice sexy.

His Hands

There is just something about male hands which simply slays me. And, I’m not exactly sure why this phenomenon exists.

Something in my female psyche gets hypnotized by how they’re bigger than my own and will always win thumb wars, no matter how many times (and ways, for when war is declared some old-fashioned, good-natured cheating is never beneath me). I like their slight roughness. I like being surprised by their versatility. I like watching them in action, whether it’s dribbling a basketball, wielding a BB gun, holding an umbrella (or me!), fixing things, waving in the air to emphasize a point, preparing food, or just lightly touching my hair.

The list goes on…and will probably never end.

As I become more aware of my self, I’m realizing the extent of this rather primal fascination, especially if it’s with a guy I like. You see, with my former lover, sometimes when we cuddled, watched a movie, or were simply pillow-talking, I’d like to feel his hands, run my fingers over a healed blister. As I say how nice his hands are to me, I’d absently press into his palms in a sort of mini-massage. I liked the sensation of my hands being held by his and of his fingers gently tapping against my bare skin to a tune of his own whim.

Okay, I’m starting to veer off in nostalgia…

Basically, as I become more aware of my self, I’m realizing the extent to which I’m a complete sucker for a guy’s hands.

His Scent

It’s something I recently discovered and really, really cannot deny. Not a strong smell per se, rather it’s something I can’t quite put my finger on…but I know is his personal scent.

Case in point? Kenneth Cole Black smells good, but smells that much better on a guy when it mixes with this basic masculine scent. It’s different and somehow more powerful. I know I really dig a guy when I randomly sniff him. Hah, I must sound like an animal, huh? I will rest my head on his shoulder for the sake of breathing him in. His hugs are special…are memorable…not just for the way his body feels against mine, but because his scent will dominate my sense of reality.

Guys worry about their B.O., especially if I smell nice. But honestly, when a guy is sweaty, that’s the last thing on my mind. Watching a guy work out is hot (as I discovered for the first time last Spring when a friend introduced me to the beauty called the weight-training room…yes, I am behind the times). Hot damn, sweaty skin is sexy as sin.

Hm. I’m making this an addendum to my list: if I want to watch you work out, I am thinking about jumping your bones…and if I’m thinking that, boy I really like you.

His Butt

Really, need I say any more?

Okay, I do.

In jeans (please not hang-low baggy, we're not high school wannabe thugs anymore) and in boxers or briefs. When I'm at the stage where a guy and I are comfortable enough with each other, I'll take that teasing swat at his gluteus maximus. Usually that means I won't mind a playful pat on my own derriere (read: hint, hint). And I'll confess, I've only recently realized this newfound love for holding a guy's behind, particularly if said guy is naked.

When I'm attracted, I love every opportunity to look at his behind. Apparently, I tend to do this thing where I'll sometimes fall back a few steps to just watch him walk. When he turns around, I look up to meet his eyes and smile, letting him know that yes, I was (again) totally checking out that mighty cute butt of his.

*cue Cheshire cat-like grin*

As I said, something seems to get...unleashed.

His Hair

I know it's something else when I have an urge to touch a guy's hair. Preferably while he’s resting in my lap.

I like the slightly gelled hair and cute spikes as much as the next girl, but what I like more is hair I can run my fingers through, over and over again. It’s intimate and relaxing, my guilty pleasure that satisfies some mothering instinct.

His Voice

This is another one of those things I am a complete sucker for. Which is why if I can't stand a guy's voice (it's nasal, high-pitched, sounds whiny, etc), I'm sorry--but the most that he and I can hope to be is friends.

And, once my heart is engaged, I will love how his voice sounds. Whether it's on the phone, first thing in the morning, during an argument, whispering something naughty by my ear, giving me a compliment...saying my name. I will remember all the tones for when he's surprised, pleased, proud, frustrated, tired, sad, hesitant, worried...or, aroused. I will remember exactly how his voice can shoot straight to the heart center, to overwhelmingly stun my senses. And, I will know just how attracted I am to him.

Hit all 5?

Well gotta say that's Some Serious Attraction, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

I can relate to your 5 signs. More so than you may know. But to keep my comment at an appropriate length, I will simply agree on four, and only share a funny experience with one.
Above the other four, I love her smell. So much that it has left a an unforgettable imprint in my mind and a taste that I'll always crave. I smell her every chance I get. Once her daughter caught me smelling the back of her neck through her hair as the three of us were watching a movie. She exclaimed as if she caught a stranger in her house rummaging through her mom's delicates, "Mom! He is smelling your hair!"
She was right, I was busted, I can't get enough of it. Thank god her scent is so unique and pleasant I will never forget it. Cause I miss it dearly, but because of my actions, it may very well remain just a pleasant memory.

Winston Churchill