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Tuesday, July 24

To Haloscan or Not?

Abulia has taken me over. I know, again.

Really, it was only a matter of time before I reverted back to my natural state of impulsive indecision. Currently, I can't seem to decide for the life of me whether I should add Haloscan to my blog or not.

Here are points of interest: (1) the picture in my header disappears when I upload the template with Haloscan, (2) I had read in the forum that if you don't post (or have comments) after awhile Haloscan stops working and deletes old comments (this has neither been confirmed nor refuted, but still...), and (3) I really, really dislike having ads.

Now, I don't mind paying the $12 bucks to import old comments (because it's a huge annoyance to have the Blogger comments and the Haloscan comments on completely separate platforms) and to get rid of the ads....but there seems to be so many kinks Haloscan needs to work out that I'm hesitant to make the final switch. I mean, WHY WOULD I INVEST MY MONEY IN SOMETHING THAT'S LIKELY TO EXPLODE IN MY FACE?

Plus, if one day I decided to no longer use Haloscan, I'd LOSE all the comments I had during that time! And, I'm wary of ultimatums like that.
I want flexibility. I'd like to have the option of having options when I'm not 99.98% sure I'm willing to take that chance.

Since yours truly can't control her heart, control over any and everything else is...appealing, to say the least.

All in all, compared to the blissful satisfaction with my Feedburner experience (which just gets better and better now that it's been acquisitioned by Google), Haloscan has been quite the disappointment.

Alas, I must say no to Haloscan with a twinge of regret in my heart (comment-box layouts are SO very pretty and the dashboard options are useful)...

Maybe Google'll think about buying Haloscan...ya think?

*hopeful eyes*

2 Musing(s):

Sarcasm Abounds said...

Well, my observations of Google buying little wigets and what-not is that they buy the product, slap the BETA tag on the header, and do nothing for some time. (Some time being between 1 month and infinity)

Then, if enough action is happening with said property, then and only then will an upgraded piece be rolled out.


Of course, I could be cynical. . .

Joanne said...

Very true, which is why I hope that if Haloscan were to be'd also mean there's enough action and attention to work out the kinks.

Of course, I could be too idealistically hopeful on this matter...


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