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Tuesday, July 3

Truth Of The Matter Is...

…you can’t just passively hope that the time frame for moving on will somehow miraculously shorten. Because when reality reveals again and again that this is not the case, it fucks all sorts of shit up. All sorts.

blindingly trusting both yourself and time to heal things is not the way to go. It’s also a form of avoidance. You need to know where you want to go, and then...purposefully trust yourself to put that first step forward. Otherwise, as time passes you by, you’ll just realize that your fears held you back. That they held you even tighter to the past you're trying to progress from.

…being able to give yourself to another person is a wonderful thing and a precious gift. But! Just because you gave a part of yourself away does not mean you’ve lost yourself completely. It’s a chance to rediscover yourself, stronger and better than before.

…when you make a decision and have all the intentions to stick with it, you best make sure that it’s not only because you know it’s the right decision. It’s one thing to need it, and another thing entirely to want it as well.

The HEART of the matter is…

The fact that I don’t want to let go of our close friendship really meant I didn’t really want to let go. Period.

Some things really are all or nothing.

So, I want it all.

And, it will have nothing to do with holding on to the past anymore.

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