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Monday, August 6

She's Steppin' Baby Steps

Because the other day I did claim it all starts in the little things.

So, I'll admit. Yours truly has been putting up the good fight (but unfortunately for bad reasons) against doing these things:

  1. Changing the label to something with the word "Past" included and something more...ordinary than "Formerly 365." That way if I were again prompted to write as if the past were the present, my tag would serve as a warning reminder. Good idea, neh?
  2. Removing (before, I only lightened the font color and moved it from my header to the bottom of my blog) completely the quote of his words, "Remember the super stutter when you self-combust with joy." It's just that I really like that sentence...*pouts*...despite it being a chain-reminder that unleashes memories exponentially.
  3. Coming to a conclusion about The Shoebox Syndrome, which I'm currently afflicted with.

I've promised myself to post conclusions on my "syndrome" (and make abovementioned two blog corrections) sometime in the near future. Like, hopefully today. Er, I suppose tomorrow would be just as fine, no? Or, maybe it's a better idea to wait until the end of this week, at least?

I mean, there's a reason why it's called baby steps.

Ack, STOP!

Seriously, I oughta stop this moping (and whining). And just make the leap already! You'll agree, I can't say I'm making a fresh start if all evidence points that I'm still at the top of the cliff. I must start at the bottom of the mountain again, right? New starts should be honest and genuine.

Plus, I'd rather think taking leaps off a cliff will be more exhilarating anyhow.

That is, if a heart-attack isn't suffered in the process. *knock on wood*

5 PM, same day: 2 down, 1 to go! Sweeet.

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