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Sunday, August 5

Crooned and Swooned

Forget being dined and wined.

PBS (shush, I know I'm a nerd) was on Saturday morning while I did the family dishes, and my ears and eyes got quite the treat. The spotlight was on this Belgium native who had a voice (and style) reminiscent of Bing Crosby, particularly in his recent double album, The Crooners.

So, he crooned and I promptly swooned.

Helmut Lotti is not eye candy newly rotated in. He managed to secure a part of my loyal heart. He is my latest wonderful discovery. My new 'love.' I am crazy for his voice, yes, but also his for performance persona and style...I adore the way he carries himself. Every once in awhile, you're lucky enough to come across a star who just gets it. And boy has he got it! Why the man's making me laugh one moment and sigh dreamily the next.

All on PBS.

A weakness is a weakness is a weakness, as Gertrude Stein once said about roses. I tell ya, yours truly is a sucker for a guy who successfully appeals to my romantic side. It's a common joke that men and boys alike tend to be led by, other head. But it's not a joke for me to claim my romantic heart sets (in stone, lined with flowers but of course ;) the path I follow. It's been a truth, time and again.

The way he smiles, especially when favorite songs being "The Most Expensive Girl" (which has lyrics and a message reminding me of my parents' own marriage), "Caterina," "That's Amore," and any duet with Isabel Adams. And how his eyes twinkle! In this photo from a music video, he's on a balcony with Isabel Adams (not sure if that's how you spell her name) who sings just as unforgettingly. They used to be competitors while growing up so he's known her since she was they're a star duet. How sweet! Wouldn't you agree? Even if their relationship is platonic. Speculation does tend to possess a wild, irresistable charm of its own.

Anyhow. To say the least, this gal's fallen in for Helmut Lotti. Not head over heels, mind you, for then I wouldn't have been able to see clearly...and my eyes stay glued to the TV. Until it was unfortunately time to leave for Shoba's yoga class. Just like how today I want to gush some more on this subject, but alas! It's again time for yoga once more.

See how I can be such the dedicated student? *tee hee*

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