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Saturday, August 11

The Family Matters...

..the Most.

I'm going back to school in a little over a week, and I worry.

Even as the eldest, I'm not a worry-wart by nature (in my family, that's my kid sis...which probably explains why she gets better grades than me, haha). In fact, my mom always jokes, sometimes half-despairingly, that through the last minute I still maintain this calm. She oft uses the Chinese saying, roughly translating into, "While the Emperor is in no hurry, the eunuch is at his wit's end with worry." Shoot, need to work on being less wordy when translating these things--the actual saying is only 8 Chinese characters.


After chatting a bit this morning with my mom, I realized it's her that I'm worried the most about. Bear with all the vagueness for now, I'm just jotting down this in a rush in between running errands before yoga today!

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