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Wednesday, August 8

Why Site Meter Is Bad for My Health

Writer's block never hits out of the blue.

You're welcome to disagree. But for me, I write about whatever I'm currently thinking and feeling.

Therefore, it means there's only two reasons I suffer writer's block:

  1. I have too much to say and ambitiously want to say ALL of it at once
  2. I attempt to write about something when my mind's full of another thing
Today is witness to a collaboration of both writer's blocks.

However, I figured it didn't matter--I mean, there's always something to say about...something. So, I started a post and exhausted my energies on the subject because I took so long in choosing a suitable title. No matter, I simply opened up a new post. But then, I couldn't decide on how to introduce it. Ever the trooper, I tried yet another topic...though it soon became quite clear that even a coherent fragment seemed beyoned my abilities. By this point, you can imagine how worried I was getting. Taking a break, I remembered I hadn't drank my green tea yet. So, caffeine brings a fleeting surge of inspiration, but unfortunately doesn't last far down enough to get a scrolling bar created.

And now? Now I have 5 consecutive saved drafts on Blogger.

Although draft is an overstatement of actual length. This is not writer's block and more like writer's's like some voice keeps saying, "I know what you're really thinking about."

So what is yours truly really thinking about?

Well, actually I keep cursing site meter. As I get a minor heart-attack every time someone from Germany stumbles across this page. Which happened twice the other day. I know, I know! After recovering, I realized that I needn't panic unless it's from Stockholm. Because the someone I've thought about so much in the past (and thus blogged often about) is still in Sweden and should not be in Germany yet.

Ahh, what a relief. Silly girl, you worry too much!

And then today, some innocent web-surfer comes along from...

Yep, you got it. Stockholm, Sweden.

Damn you site meter! A gal's heart can only take so much at a time.

2 Musing(s):

David said...

I usually carry a book whenever I go somewhere and spark some topics to write about. Is a good way to eliminate writer's block.I would generate a topic's name then write about it which can take from half an hour to 3 hours. Editing and rephrasing some words can take some time too. I'm new to blogging so I didn't bother inserting those little icons to check my site status because I don't even know how to!

Joanne said...

It's useful, for sure...but as you can see from my experience, rather addicting as well!

Winston Churchill