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Friday, September 7

VT Concert Craziness

WARNING: this post may will contain incoherent babbles of repeated gushings.

Apparently, it just takes some killer guitar playing, and I'll swiftly revert back to being a starry-eyed teenager all over again.

The Concert for Virginia Tech in Lane Stadium was beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

The stage, HUGE! Lighting? Absolutely breath-taking.

That it was all set up in 2 days? Crazy, indeed.

It could be argued that since I generally do things without expectations, in a sense, it ought to be quite easy to exceed them... Though, I definitely did not expect the concert to be over 5 hrs long.

So long, in fact, that I still can't believe we walked out on Dave Matthews.

I know, I know.

I'm sorry!!!

Dave Matthews, please know that I love your band and especially adore your performance style. Really, I do! It's just that I had been up and about since 8 AM. You must understand, after thoroughly enjoying 5 hours--no matter how exhilarating and soul-shaking--by 11 PM, I was rather drained.

But drain oh-so worth it!

My ears went gloriously numb. I swear the bass of the drums could be heard reverbating in the core of my body.

Then again, that also might've been my stomach growling from hunger.

Jeez, I don't know how the freshman do it. Must be the aid of alcohol. Seriously, though. While it's a concert in a football stadium, it doesn't mean it's like football where you pre-game.

It's a recovery concert.

You don't get so drunk you're arrested. Sheesh, people!

Anyhow. I really enjoyed watching Dave Matthews Band perform. And, how utterly enamored I am with John Mayer after this! You could tell that they really enjoyed performing together. All the instruments, saxophone, drums, guitar.

...speaking of the guitar--my god! John Mayer's hands are amazing.

I repeat. Uh-mazing.

In my teens, I never quite understood the female obsession with male guitarists. For some reason, it's different now that I'm in my twenties.

Let me tell you, do I understand it now. Completely.

See, I've always enjoyed listening to John Mayer and had a rough idea of what he looked like, but I've never really seen him. I like to fall in love with the music and voice first. Because if it doesn't happen that way, sometimes I'll get to wondering... I like this artist because of his talent or because he's so damn cute?

So, really it shouldn't come as a surprise that when I saw and heard Bob Reynolds (touring with John Mayer) for the first time last night, I was a goner.

Boy, am I charmed by this smooth and suave saxophonist.

For your viewing pleasure (though mainly, for my own =P), here are some pictures of him below:

My heart is an old-fashioned romantic, I adore jazz. Totally in deep.

Hm, and my voice is slightly hoarse--it could sound sexy...could also make me sound like a guy. I woke up this morning thirty minutes before I was to be at Judicial to do my office hours, and had no time for a shower!

Which means I'm rocking two braids...

And, my Fisherman's Daughter hat.

Ohh, my friends know this hat well.

Yeah, it has its own story. Don't worry, it'll be told one of these days.

20 Musing(s):

Vinh said...

hey hey!

"just takes some killer guitar playing" eh?

*ahem* maybe i should bust out guitar hero 2 some more..

i think ill definitely go buy guitar hero 3 that comes out in a few months as well ;)

miss ya, add my new sn vt350gt on aim oki

Katherine said...

OMG I can't believe you noticed John's hands, too...I was babbling about how beautiful they are for a small part of our walk back to my apartment. They're just so...amazing...and when the camera went close up while he was playing his guitar so intensely, I died a little. In a good way.

Forgive me for being a total girl.

Joanne said...

Vinh: Haha, it wouldn't work! I'd be too busy cursing you out on how you're beating me in GH2 with expert.

Kath: I know, right! Whoever was doing the close-up camera angles was awesome at it. I'm so glad we can gush on this together ;)

David said...

Did the people at the concert sit or stand during the performance because 5 hours for a concert is pretty long. Did you bring back anything from the performance like teared up shirts or broken guitars from the bewitched crowd at the end of the show =)?

Joanne said...

David: Long, but at the risk of sounding redundant...amazing! Standing was half-and-half, especially depending on where you were in the, if you happened to be in a section where EVERYONE was standing, you sorta had to stand as well to see. I think I stood for about an hour (?), nobody really blocked our view so we could sit and just watch most of the time. Haha, nah...I didn't get any concert memorabilia. The t-sheirts were out of smalls, so I'm just gonna order them online or something.

keeyit said...

Thanks for dropping by to my blog. You have a nice blog too =)
I will be back.

Brent said...

Me = Jealous :) Sounds like a fun time.

thethinker said...

I love John Mayer!
And Dave Matthews Band!

I'm so jealous.

Anonymous said...

love jazz too:)Your blog is awesome..lots of things to read:):)

Joanne said...

Keeyit: Aww, thanks. PS, please pot more pictures of delicious food on you blog, haha ;)

Brent: Haha, yeah...I feel really lucky to be able to see them perform live. I think they sound better live, too.

TheThinker: Me, too! I liked them before, but now? TOTALLY in love...their performance was just that flippin' awesome. =)

Thira: Haha, thank you! My tastes in music is sooo varied, I like to switch between genres like that. And, jazz is something I've loved to listen to since very young.

StHalcyon said...

When I heard DMB was going to perform for VTech, I almost wanted to go, one way or another. I can't believe you walked out on him. So... Sacrilegious! Just kidding. But seriously though, you got lucky that you got to hear him jam for 5 hours! I think the closest to that I've ever seen Dave perform was at the San Francisco charity concert. Totally awesome!

Joanne said...

John: You so should've came...even though many people paid a lot for a ticket, an hour before the concert started....they were handing out FREE tickets. It's werid, they didn't check for student IDs or anything to differentiate between student and guest tickets. It's how I swapped my ticket and got a few extra to be able to sit with my friends.

DMB is 100x more awesome live, he just kept doing song after song, lols!

The Chick said...

I'm sure that show was fabulous! I was totally in love with Dave back in my college days too.

Kyla Bea said...

So glad to hear you had such a rockin' time! Incoherent babble, when caused by extreme happiness, is very good for the heart = )

Sarcasm Abounds said...

I saw Dave Matthews at Red Rocks 5 years ago, I think he was travelling with Ben Harper.

I think I still have a contact buzz. . .


Joanne said...

TheChick: Yeah, he is great...didn't quite truly understand until experiencing a live performance, haha.

Kyla: HAHA, exactly! It's like a self-combustion of joy =P

SA: Oo, haha cool. I feel really lucky to get to see him in concert.

Lesley said...

I enjoy jazz too... Brazilian jazz is really great to practice yoga to... hehe...

This saxophonist sure looks yummy! :P I can imagine him playing a smooth sexy tune and looking into your eyes with those soulfully sexy eyes... smoking!

Joanne said...

Lesley: I love doing yoga to jazz music, it's so calming and uplifting at the same time! I'll have to check out Brazilian jazz sounds hot.

Beaman said...

Another Jazz fan here. I can't understand people who don't like this type of music. Definitely from another planet.

Joanne said...

Beaman: Haha, may I ask what planet that is? Because I think I might be from the same one...

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