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Monday, October 29

Because Stubborn Is As Stubborn Does

Are mothers’ are always right?
Oh, you betcha.
Will I ever learn that they're always right?
Apparently not.

“You need to put in more blonde.”

I frantically...stubbornly shook my head no. Blonde is so NOT me.

Sure, I’ve gradually chosen lighter and lighter shades of red-brown, to the point where my last dye was called “Terracotta Blonde.” But there was no way in hell you’d see me applying straight-up blonde coloring, especially with the sort of name like “Persian Blonde” (!?) to my hair...

[she proceeded to dump half the container of aforementioned Persian blonde henna into the mixing bowl], voluntarily, that is.

“Aaagh! Mom!

I immediately dump more "Auburn Mahogany" henna into the bowl in a retaliating effort to salvage what I fearfully imagined to be some sort of blonde disaster just waiting to plague my hair.

After rinsing out the henna (3 hrs later), I saw my reflection peering back at me in the bathroom mirror give way to dawning realization.

“Oh, no.

The red tones darkened it completely.

Gone were the 7 months of gradually lightened shades of golden reddish-brown. She was so right, I definitely needed more of that blonde to bring the red out. As of right now, in non-sunlight it looks brown, which is a first for me (I actually don't mind such a color, but my roots barely picked up any color...which was the whole point).

So, the next morning, I lamented my trivial woes of having to re-dye to my dad.

To which he responded with, “No, I think it’s better darker."

I raise a skeptical eyebrow at those words, especially when accompanied with that goofy grin of his.

"It looks like some blonde dog hair when it’s too light.”

“Dad, that is NOT true!!!”

It has never looked as such. Really! He just relishes in getting us to exclaim in indignant half-mocked horror.

On a side note, can a person get high off of sniffing henna-dyed strands of hair?

It smelled damned good. Like, intoxicating good.

I wonder if I should be worried about that...

21 Musing(s):

cardiogirl said...

Your guess who picture is so cute! I'm assuming since it's in b&w you wouldn't be able to see any highlights anyway, but is your hair highlighted there?

It looks nice all dark. But I know what you're saying. At least you are willing to experiment with your hair. I'm totally afraid I will mess it up crazily, so I stick with this crazy mousey brown color even though I don't like it.

Also, I don't want to have to deal with roots, etc. Do you have to deal with that when you use a henna rinse?

Holly said...

I once went blonde, just for kicks one day. I needed to strip my hair, got some lighter hair dye I wanted to try, and figured "Hey, I'll go blonde for a day, what could it hurt?" Oh it did...It was just BAD! I immediately dyed it about 2 hours later, hoping all of my hair wouldn't fall out.

peteej said...

The Laid-Back Buddhist said:
"He just relishes in getting us to exclaim in indignant half-mocked horror."

Being a dad, let me tell you that this is what we're supposed to do to our daughters. It's coded into our DNA. I get a rise out of both of my girls every day. Give your dad a high-five for me. :D

As for the "henna high" you speak of, I couldn't say. When I had long hair, I used henna bought in bulk - the real deal. It ended up being a big mud pack on my head, literally. I was too worried about getting stained skin too notice the smell.

mcgee said...

i'm sure it still looks good...and i'm with you on the smell of freshly-dyed hair. glad to hear i'm not alone. =)

kRUZe said...

I'm amused at your dads attempts to get a response from you lol =) I think the black and white photos need a little henna too just so we can see what you're really talking about :P

The Lisa Show said...

Well, to be fair it was called Persian Blonde. You had every right to be scared. Haha.

Brent said...

I think a person can get high off of sniffing henna-dyed strands of hair. Should they... no probably not :p

I'm sure it looks grand.

I have some back posts to read.

meleah rebeccah said...

some people can sport blonde so well I cant even imagine them any other color.

however... I am NOT one of them!

I would love to see a picture of the new hair

keeyit said...

Blonde ? No.. Hmm original nature color suitable for you..

Cindy Breninger said...

Don't worry about it, enjoy it! hehe

thethinker said...

I'm way too afraid to do anything with my hair color-wise. I can barely stand getting hair cuts!

Anonymous said...

just curious, do your parents read your blog?

cooper said...

"On a side note, can a person get high off of sniffing henna-dyed strands of hair?"

Yes I think so.

I haven't had much color. I died my hair pure black in high school to photograph the difference in black and white between black hair and brown - I couldn't find anyone with lng black hair. died it blonde and then had it colored back a couple of years ago. I am definitely not a blond.

My mother doesn't know best, that's all I know.

BillyWarhol said...

U look awesome no matter what Shade yer wearin'*******


Nola said...

We want a picture!

I like the smell of fresh cut grass--that smell of the grass mingled with the gas from the mower.... So I know what you mean about odd smells that shouldn't smell good.

rwez said...

funny story :)


Anonymous said...

blonde is sooooo over-rated. and it's pretty funky trying to picture someone getting buzzed from henne. hahahahahaaaa...

Sleeping Beauty said...

Im sure your hair looks beautiful. i have not dyed my hair in 5 years. I think i am going to keep it that way. Too many mishaps, lol.

Princess Pointful said...

Haha... the problem is that Mom's know they are always right, thus giving themselves free reign!

Though you never could have told me that at 16!

Airam said...

I hate when my mom is right.

And you're making me want to put henna markings on my hands.

Joanne said...

Cardiogirl: Awww, thank you!! So, I’ve made my Guess Who Pix color now! Yeah, it’s still nerve-wracking at times…in the beginning, it took awhile to work up the gumption to experiment with my hair, many bad trials and errors under my belt, haha.

Holly: Hah, yeah that’s why I do all my experimenting at home so that in case of boo-boo’s, I’ve a chance to rectify, or at the very least, salvage the situation.

Pete: Hahahaha, this just further confirms my suspicions of the matter. ;) I applied some lotion around my neck, hairline and ears to help with preventing stains. The whole time I was more worried about staining my mom’s pristine white bathroom sink and tiled floors.

Mcgee: Oh, good! It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in this! =)

Kruze: Heh, he loves doing that. It’s been a trademark thing for him all my life. LOLs!! As requested, henna has been added to those photos…

Lisa: It didn’t help matters that henna powder looks green before mixing…I had no idea what to expect!

Brent: You’re back!!! I’m so glad =) Hah, and you’re probably right. Looking forward to my next henna dye, lols! ;)

Meleah: Yeah, black to blonde would be much too drastic for me. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised by how lighter shades of red-brown didn’t look bad. So I dye it a deeper color, so that after a few weeks as it lightens, it still looks pretty decent.

Keeyit: Def. agree. Colors a few shades lighter is usually a safe bet.

Cindy: Hahaha, I will! =)

TheThinker: LOLs, yeah I remember! =P But who knows, you might change your mind…my lil sis always swore she’d never dye her hair and now? She wants to, but my mom is making her wait until senior year of high school (which is when I first started dyeing). Ah, the irony…

Anonymous 1: Haha, no. And even if they did know of it, they’d probably be too impatient to read it. Then again, I never know how they’ll react sometimes.

Cooper: Sweet, I thought as much, lols. Hm, there are times when my mom is wrong (of course), but overall she does seem to know what’s best for me. Not that I always listen…I’ve heard many a “I told you so’s”!

Billy: Aw, thanks. =)

Nola: LOLOLs! Done. Oooh, that is a good smell…I’m also a sucker for smoked wood and cabin wood smells.

Rick: Yup, life is full of ‘em!

Anonymous 2: Yeah, it’s a pretty popular color around here…more red-heads!!! There’s so many more different shades you can do with red-brown.

Sleeping beauty: 5 years, wow! It’s funny how amazed I am when I had gone 18 years without dyeing my hair…but once I started, I couldn’t see myself ever not continuing to do so!

Princess Pointful: Agreed! I’m still learning this lesson. Guess some things just have to be learned first-hand, huh? =)

Airam: I LOVE playing with henna. Since I’m so scared of needles, I can’t imagine myself getting real tattoos….but I love, love, love henna tattoos on the body! You know what, all this talk makes me want to go put henna markings on my body, too, hahaha!

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