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Tuesday, October 30

Forgive Me

This week is just about killing yours truly.

Don’t know if anyone noticed my brief absence, but I went home this past weekend. Boycotting my laptop, I also put all my work on pause for a much needed mini-vacation. More on how that went down later.

The result was me spending ALL of yesterday (Monday) holed up at my desk, running on caffeine fumes, playing catch-up, and quite possibly getting high off of my freshly henna-dyed strands of hair.

Insomniac panic had ensued, to say the least.

One of these days, I swear procrastination is going to be the death of me. It's a bad habit that seems to become more flamboyant as the years go by. However, I figure rationalize that there is wisdom in why stockbrokers take the weekend off in order to come back Monday morning with a fresh and sharper mind.

Plus, I'm feeling considerably lighter after all my yoga despite the protesting of my abs. On the other hand, my neck and shoulder blades are MUCH happier, as those are the hot spots where I tend to carry all my stress.

Anyhow, I've decided to post some low-resolution (read: built-in laptop camera) and spur-of-the-moment boredom (read: in between classes after finishing an exam) pictures of my crazy non-Asian-like hair (read: natural curls doing their thang)!

The angle's weird b/c my laptop is...well, on my lap. And, I'm on 4 hrs of sleep!

As I said, forgive me.

Gotta love those flattering concrete blocks...
Sitting on the floor and waiting for the classroom to open up.
My bangs are doing that whoosh! thing as per usual.
See my unruly curls?

2nd favorite hoodie of all time, gift from Kath and Vy our sophomore (?) year.
And, look at the new shades for a new beginning I was talking about!

You like? Nine West, $12 courtesy of Marshall's. Sweetness.

This picture just makes me laugh. Had to include it.
Translation: "Oh, crap...I'm late for class."

So, there you are. Me in color, once again.

15 Musing(s):

Rolando said...

Hey they you are in color! Woo hoo! Nice pics Joanne! Glad you're back. I was gone for a short while too. Breaks are good.

Joanne said...

Rolando: Haha, yup. Several commentators from the previous post convinced me to switch the originally B/W Guess Who pix on the sidebar to color as well. =) Color is good...haha, the transformation reminds me of the movie, Pleasantville, lols!

libby said...

hey! first time i've gotten a moment to check your blog...good stuff - i'll add you to my roll! also, i hear all these amazing things about yoga and i keep meaning to check it out! now that my work will offer classes i DEFINITELY will. esp if it relieves stress!

xtina said...

It's amazing how animated you look with some color. Did I mention more 3-D as well?

Your main thumbnail looks a tad eerie though, not gonna lie.

Whenever I have insomnia I know I can always turn to Red Bull or 4 shots of espresso to "put me down." You should try it sometime. ;)

Magari said...

woot 3Dness for sure!

:) cute

Magari said...

Oh yeah,

and hoodies are hot, no joke.


KennetH said...

yeah...forgive you..~~

The Lisa Show said...

Hotness! My hair is jealous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne! Nice to see the colored pic:)I like the third picture, you have a really cute expression there:)

meleah rebeccah said...

You are so pretty!

I love these pictures of you.

Welcome back :)

Kyla Bea said...

Definitely loving the pictures - thanks for posting them!

Procrastination is the worst, after my first year I would lock down during the first two weeks of school and get two weeks ahead of my reading and assignments. That way when I wanted to I could be a rebel and take a few nights off and not lose too much sleep.

I hope you're well rested at least!

(Happy Halloween!)

Gadget said...

Hope you're all caught up! Hang in there, I've had a weird start to the week myself. :)

Anonymous said...

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Terence Chang said...

ha .. I love those pictures.. so natural.

I mean you looks like Asian, but you talk like American ...

Why don't you look at the camera when you take the photo? I think it will look even better.... I mean feel better. Like "I am watching you ..." type of.

Joanne said...

Libby: Sweet! You ought to, it’s also great for subtle toning and honing of balance. When I first started out doing yoga, it made me really tired and sore because I was building muscle, etc. But now, it’s such a pick-me-upper and it forces me to do meditation and calm down the stress even if it’s only momentary.

Vy: Yeah, the BW blogger one skews it funny…ah, well. Still can’t believe the quad shot had no effect on you whatsoever! The only way I can stand drinking red bull is as part of a lager bomb. ;)

Magari: Hahaha, hoodies are a basic part of my everyday wardrobe once it gets cold and I’m running late because I hit snooze one too many times. I wear them under jackets, though, because wind cuts right through the sleeves…especially Blacksburg wind.

Kenneth: LOLs, thanks. =)

Lisa: *blushes* Thank you…growing up, it took me awhile to NOT see the hair as a curse, haha.

Thira: Yeah, I love B/W pictures, but people kept asking for color. Haha, looking back at that picture, I think my expression seems almost lost. It’s amazing all the different human facial expression there are, lols! ;)

Meleah: Haha, thank you!! I’m still camera-shy at times, so this makes me feel better. =)

Kyla: Aww, you’re welcome. Hm, that’s a good strategy, I think I only used it my first semester freshman year…I need working on regaining better work ethic, hah.

Rich: Yeah, I’ve caught up on everything but sleep, lols! It’s funny how the start of a week can sometimes mark how the rest of the week will pan out…

Bonnie: Thanks and thank you for letting me know!

Terence: Haha, thanks. Very spur-of-the-moment impulse type of thing. LOLs!!! And I’ll keep that in mind next time…guess I’m just not used to taking self-photos like that, ah well. =)

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