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Sunday, July 8

Philosophically Speaking

HYPOCRISY is one of my ultimate pet peeves, like *insert shudder* limpfish handshakes. I relish in finding paradoxes, but hypocrites...a big no-NO.

So am now working on correcting this dastardly realization in myself.
Damn you sudden epiphanies!

Which led to a surprisingly lively drive to re-think (expand upon?) my "laidback buddhism." Apparently, yours truly overlooked the Confucian and Daoism philosophies, taught indirectly to me by my father. Buddhism to me is more a way of life, a personal thought is Confucucian and Daoist thought. So, I'm working on somehow meshing it all together. I'm very curious as to what I'll end up terming it b/c right now, I'm very partial to the name of Laidback Buddhist.

I mean, intellectual vanity aside, it is rather accurate.

And apparently there's ALSO this whole yoga philosophy that I haven't even tapped in to yet (currently reading up on the 10 different yoga schools of thought...seriously, TEN?!!). After absorbing this new information, I will then be able to proclaim to be a true student of yoga!

You know, rather than keeping up yoga for physical vanity's sake.

On a side note, I read Sun Tzu's The Art of War today. Maybe his thinking will help me lose less devastingly to my dad when we play Go.

Ya think??

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