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Tuesday, July 10

Seeking Male Approval

They say that guys never grow out of seeking their dad's approval.
And, I believe it. Know it.

Well, of course not 'know' as in from the personal male experience (duh), but from the female perspective. Hell, I have to contend with seeking both my father's and mother's approval. Hm, and come to think of it, my kid sis' too…now that the little punk has become a sassy smartass (and I do mean that in the most loving way).

But back to the subject on hand.

Approval from my dad is rare. Approval that I can quote verbatim is even rarer. Therefore, even a nod of approval makes this daddy's little girl feel extra-special. Rarity creates a certain appeal like that.

So here's the latest instance: the other day over lunch, my dad had me take a look at some stats in TIME magazine he found noteworthy. The numbers on the World's Wealthy. We are not surprised that Singapore has the most "Rising Rich" (aka highest growth of millionaires in the population). And I betcha, another batch will come from a breakthrough in stem cells, also from Singapore. The next column lists what TIME termed "Ultra-Affluent" (aka at least $30 million), and it’s given as a percentage to the total rich people living in a region.

That is where the numbers get interesting...

Latin America has the highest at 2.4%, followed by Africa at 2.0%. Which is understandable given the wealth disparity of many countries in those regions. But, these are BAD numbers, to say the least. If you’ve a high percentage of Rising Rich, congratulations! Your country is prospering! However, holding one of the top three spots of the uber-rich is not something to be proud of…it means you have alllll this wealth tied up in the (most likely greedy, corrupted) hands of a few. And, don't try to convince me otherwise, the world's millionaires gave LESS THAN 1% of their net worth to charity.

Selfish bastards.

So, wanna take a stab at who's #3 of TIME's "Ultra-Affluent"?

North America.

Which basically points to US (of A). Because honestly, what Canadian billionaire can you name off the top of your head, EH?!

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

*sigh* The uber-rich of the world’s ‘superpower’ is in the same percentage realm as third-world countries. Just another confirmation that our country is in deep, deep shit (and not just because we're at war).

And, it irks me that whenever I argue politics/environment with A-hole (yes, when I’m criticizing the guy who took my heart and wouldn’t return it or give it up, he becomes A__ the Asshole), he never says ‘our’ country. It’s always the American public, the American people, etc. Look dude, I know you're bonafide European...just like I'm pretty damn sure I'm Chinese last time I checked. But whether you like it or not, not only were you born in this fucked up country, you also grew up and are being educated in it. So, show a little goddamn love...and humility.

"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it." Mark Twain.

Anyhow, moving on from minor side-rant (I've no excuses for what my broken heart causes me to say). My summation of the numbers got the nod from dad, who was satisfied that his investment in my college career has not been in vain. As a result, the Nerd Egotist in me was again feeling quite proud of herself, and I continued eating, free from care.

Then, my sly old man joked (albeit half-seriously),

“Gaogi-ah, my hope for you is to become a millionaire."

I almost snort a grain of rice up my nose. (yes, very lovely imagery, I know)

But I don't give a damn because...this means that the next nod from dad is now a million bucks away. LOLs! Damn the rapid rise of world’s millionaires! Well, unless I’m one of them ;)

I know my dad joked that not to give pressure but because he knows it shouldn’t be an out-of-reach goal for me or anyone who is on paper as young, educated, and with opportunities, and especially if I’m smart about my own money.

Sooo basically he’s made it an expectation…good god, what a sly fox, that man!

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