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Sunday, August 19

Quotaholics Anonymous

Be Happy! -Keeks =)

“Kiki-ah, why did you quote yourself?” I ask with a chuckle.

"I messed up a quote but didn’t want to rip the page out.”


Apparently, little sisters are an endless source of amusement.

...and my kid sis never ceases to amaze me (besides being an infernal eternal chatterbox). As a fellow quote addict, she came up with this killer idea last year. Due to an inability to mutually decide on a title, it is simply called The Quote Book, which is pretty self-explanatory, but just in case—it’s a book of quotes ;).

With a lime green hardcover and copper spiraling, this journal is kept by one of us for several months at a time. For instance, these past two months I’ve dutifully scribbled quotes in its pages while she’s been in Chicago (for the Northwestern University academic camp I also went to). Now, she gets to keep it until I come home for Thanksgiving break and we make the switch again. And, we’ve started a The Quote Book II (yes, being unable to agree on a title is becoming the default) because the first is almost filled and being finished off at an exponential rate since the little perfectionist punk keeps tearing out pages she messed up on.

So, we've got a new book of quotes…and with new rules.

This time around we decided (dare I say agreed!?) to pen them in together. This way each page will have an equal meshing of quotes in both of our handwritings. Don't mind my bragging, but it'll look really cool.

Plus, it’ll temper our consumption of quotes a tad.

I mean, it’s one thing to be addicted and another thing to overindulge in the addiction. Nonetheless we’ve compiled SO many quotes that we’re starting to see accidental repeats, sometimes forgetting which quotes the other person has already added. Rather ironic since the basic reason for starting the quote book was to offer moments of diverting leisure. Some fresh words of encouragement. Of inspiration. Like some sort of sisterly support while I’m away from home…

Um, yeah. All that and an unspoken competition to “claim” (aka be the first to quote) new quotes! Ah, the utter irresistibility of sibling rivalry. Guilty as charged, we also take great pains to make every page aesthetically pleasing and without errors (the picky perfectionists that we both are wouldn’t do otherwise, you know).

Not that one shouldn’t always strive to give your best work; however, neither am I an advocate for workaholics.

Because clearly we are Quote Addicts, not Quotaholics.

Yes, there is difference.

2 Musing(s):

thethinker said...

I loooove quotes.

I could spend all day looking them up, but I definitely don't have anything that compares to your Quote Book.

dcr said...

I enjoy quotes too. I don't have a fancy book though. Back in school, I'd have them written all over the paper-sack book covers they made you do. Or, maybe it was folder covers? Anyway, they were written somewhere like that.

Nowadays, I'm much more sophisticated, and call them stuff like "quotes.txt" or "quotes-ii.txt." ;-)

Winston Churchill