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Monday, August 20

Cancers Cannot Stay Hermits

Because of friends.

From: Vy
Date: Sunday, August 19, 2007 7:09 PM
To: Joanne
Subject: where my cow at?

It’s unsettling how I have to keep checking your blog to make sure you’re still alive.
More so when I have to relay that discovery to others (Vinh, Miki, Kath) so that they too are reassured of your living state.


Oh, she cracks me up (besides being totally right on this one).

Yeah, FYI of another personal quirk: I become a recluse whenever I go home.

People who know this about me are close or good friends. And people who don't...well, they get used to it. Family matters are always a priority and become the main focus when I'm home. Back to juggling academics, extracurriculars, and my college social life, I'm currently re-adjusting to fill all the extra free-time I've got since I'm no longer an RA. I almost feel guilty for being so relieved...and in a sense, liberated.

Anyhow. It seems when break is long--as summer is--I tend to get too settled in my comfortable crab shell (LOLs). Especially since in the beginning I'll maintain a high contact with my family to ease the transition, it'll take awhile before I fully emerge.

No lie, it usually takes a month or two before even I start using AIM again.

Funny because it's not like I'm this shy introvert--you're reading the blog of a girl who grew up in 8 different states! I've pretty eclectic tastes and interests, which is probably why it took me so long to decide what to do with my life (besides raising a family). So that paired with a sincere smile makes it easy to strike up conversation with anyone. I believe I'm more so of what Myer-Briggs termed an extrovert-introvert (INFJ). Even though I took it in high school, I think it's still fairly accurate.

I'll re-take Myer-Briggs just for the hell of it one of these days when I'm again bored, restless, and curious. A dangerous combination, I tell ya as I'm still recovering from the OCD-impluse I had last night...

...where I did face recognition on MyHeritage for 15 different photographs. Possibly 20!?

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jon said...

I TOTALLY love the myers briggs test, and you know what? It's about time that I retake it too, just to see how things changed since the last time I took it. Let me guess for you. INTP or INTF?

Winston Churchill