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Saturday, August 18

This Is The 10-Year Start

Granted it's hard enough living out those yearly resolutions (or living up to yearly forecasts). Ha! Well, try doing a 10-year one. I know, sometimes completing a daily To-Do List is complicated enough, so why jump to 10 years all of a sudden?

All because I read what Katharine Hepburn said "Wouldn't it be great if people could get to live suddenly as often as they die suddenly?"

Only I don't quite agree.

I wouldn't be so quick to think it that great. Call me morbid or pessimistic or whatever but no matter how sudden death is, one can be damn sure it's permanent. Whereas to suddenly live an epiphany is continuous.

These passionate and appreciative moments always come and go in bursts. Bursts to live for (literally). For me, to live 'suddenly' is one thing while to continue to do so is much more deserving of the epithet 'great.'

This is beacuse in Chinese culture (or at least, as taught in the household I grew up in), a person's life is viewed in 10-year cycles, usually alternating the good and bad. Not every decade is going to be easy-sailing, but neither will it stay forever in the dumps. And if you pay attention, like correct any personal failings you may have and perservere wisely in shaking out a rough could very well end up successfully riding out each 10-year cycle with the maximum benefits.

Sweet, right. Although really easy to forget when seemingly insurmountable obstacle after obstacle is thrown at your feet.

I'm wondering, "Wouldn't it be great if I had more of that faith my mom has in my next (current) 10 year cycle?"

Maybe it's like losing weight slowly, you confront yourself in the mirror every day and don't see any discernable progress (and some days see regression!), but other people notice the difference....

Oh, this decides it! I'm the harshest self-critic, and in all likelihood, the most blind as well.

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Lewis Empire said...

I agree with you about the quote. I think if you 'live suddenly' it probably means that everything after that moment will never be quite as good. This means that after that day, the rest of your life will be just a bit less exciting because you will never reach that peak again.

We should be looking forward to the next exciting thing while enjoying the lessons and great events that happen in between. I want to think that at least every year, something will happen that blows all the previous days away!

Joanne said...

Fellow optimist, those are my sentiments exactly! =)

Winston Churchill