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Friday, July 6

Houdini's Act I

The Johnson Ladies

All things come and go.

And, I love escaping into the moments. So much good fun and unexpected joy was brought into my world by my girls and others. It's going to be hard, hard, hard to say good-bye to this part of my life. Although it's somewhat easier that most of the people I connected to this period of much happiness have already left. Both Holly and Tony graduated, Megan’s left but with a lasting memory, Olivia also made the tough choice to go, Tricia would still be on maternity leave, Mickey’s done and so is Trot, while A is in Europe (and even if he wasn’t, he didn’t plan on coming back because of his building assignment). I adore these people and another year in Res Life without them would be so…odd.

Despite initally hesitating, it seems to be the better course...

For the first disappearing act:

[1.] To no longer being a RA. This one’s tough for me to make. Despite all the paperwork and bullshit extra stuff we were expected to do, when it came down to it…god, how I loved being the RA to my girls. I was so damn lucky to have my first 30 residents be such a kick-ass crazy, fun-loving, loud-mouthed bunch. I could not have wished for better because they were the best.

People think being a RA is a power status, it’s totally not. You're thrown into so many situations and sometimes, it’ll be a scenario never previously encountered. You learn that the best way to deal is to depend on each other. Because of my title, I was seen as the leader, but often I found my girls teaching me, helping me see things I didn’t realize existed. They were the best mentors for my first-time experience of being a 24/7 live-in mentor.

"Make it a rule of life never to regret and never to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you can't build on it; it's only good for wallowing in." -Katherine Mansfield

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