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Tuesday, September 25

Highway Robbery

When people rip you off, that’s what you should exclaim, very loudly and with self-assured conviction. Preferably in Chinese and accompanied with a wagging finger.*

Because it really is akin to highway robbery for a girl to get a haircut these days. Well, minus the dark, handsome, and masked (of course it’s only because he’s too damn good-looking) highway hero who'd help me battle the blood-suckers trying to get some...of my hard-earned money, that is.

Not trying to imply chivalry's dead or that I can't solve my own problems...

But what’s a gal to do in this day and age of modernity?

  1. Never get another haircut. Hm, not too fond of being Rapunzel for every day thereafter. And to think of all the shampoo, conditioner, water and excess energy (since I like my showers hot) I’d be wasting…global warming, people!

  2. Have my mother cut my hair. No, no, and hell no. As much as I love her, my mom should never be allowed scissors around my hair, or anyone else's for that matter. Many a scarring childhood photos can confirm this.

  3. Donate to Locks of Love. Except this is not a feasible long-term solution as it takes my hair 5 months for it to grow a measly 2 inches. Plus, I’d still need to get trims/layers done in between.

  4. Shave it all off. Ha! Not in a million years, not for a million bucks.

  5. Cut my own hair… Bingo.

Although, I know you're probably thinking it's a pretty crazy idea.

Um, in case you didn't already know, any person who creates her own religion and dubs it Laidback Buddhism is not exactly sane.

Then again, who is? Because apparently I'm not the only one doing it!

But back to the whole highway robbery thing.

The last time I paid someone to cut my hair was over 4 years ago. It became a memory (as TheThinker has eloquently coined, and justly so, as Bad Hair Month) that I've filed away with the rest of my traumatic high school experiences.

I don't know how much a perm costs... but my mom and younger sister wait until we go back to Asia to get it done because it's cheaper (er, once you take the $2,000 plane ticket per person out of the equation). But I do know that it would only cost my dad only $12 ($15 max) to get his hair cut whereas mine would be charged at $28 to simply trim 1" of hair. And oh, if I wished to dye my hair as well? There goes at least another $60. Mind you, this was the price I remembered four years ago.

If that ain't considered highway robbery, I don't know what is.

This is one of those times where I'm eternally grateful to have naturally curly hair, even though it probably comes from a mutant gene (but I prefer thinking it's from the 1/4 Mongolian part of me). See, I can do random snips, create "flexible" layers, and even mess up because my curls will hide any boo-boo's I make.

Sooo, what happens when I straighten my hair?

Well, apparently it's thin enough that it doesn't matter. All that matters is having a length I'm comfortable with. So as long as my bottom layer is even and my bangs are fine, I'm good to go.

Bad news is that it's been 5 months since my last self-haircut and self-hairdye and the thinning scissors are at home. The henna dye is also at home.

I think perhaps a trip home is in order, ya think?

*What, you didn't know?! Well, that's how things work in my family...

37 Musing(s):

delmer said...

I tipped $3.00 and today's haircut came to under $15.00. *And* this included an eyebrow trim.

Had my hair been halfway down my back I would have paid the same price. I know some women who drop $50 (or more) each time they get their hair done -- their husbands tell me about it. (Some dying may be involved ... the guys are never really sure.)

Joanne said...

Delmer: LOLs. Exactly! My dad has 1" of hair cut just as I ask for a 1" trim...but because it's female hair, I have to pay twice as much. And most times, I go back home to fix it.

Joe said...

I pay too much for a hair cut I am sure. $18 and I always leave a $10 that stupid or what? I always cut my daughters hair, but they are all under 7 years old, I am sure they will start to object to that soon though.

Nice Page!

Joanne said...

Joe: Wow, that's very generous of you...I'm sure who ever cuts your hair appreciated that.

Rolando said...

For the price I pay I should bald myself. $30 bucks every three weeks is steep, not including tip.

Good thing my hair stylist looks like Selma Hayek's younger sister or else I'd be outta there! lol.

I can cut your hair. I've got plenty of bowls in all sizes )

Joanne said...

Rolando: HAHA, oh jeez. How'd you know...have you seen some of my elementary school pictures? You're in on this conspiracy with my mom, aren't you? 'Fess up!

mikkers said...

hear, hear!

Girls' hair is so expensive to cut, not to mention dye or perm. I get my hair highlighted *once* a year and even with a "i've known you since you were knee high to a grasshopper" discount back home, it still runs close to $60 or more. Whenever I go get my hair cut, I always wash my hair before so I can save $12 on the shampoo and wash.

And what is worse? I am such a pushover for haircutters. I tell them what I want and either a) they have no idea what I am talking about and give me something completely different or b) they convince me to try something different and I agree with them. And I love the cut, at least until I go home and wake up the next day feeling oh so ugly and unattractive. This continuously happens to me, you would think I would learn to stand up for myself, but it is the rare day that I come home with a cut that I am satisfied until my next appointment.

When I had short hair, it required constant maintenance. I was getting a haircut every month. Now, with longer hair, I just sweep my bangs to the side when they get long and unruly and wait anywhere between two to four months before like-minded scissors get anywhere close to actually cutting my split ends. I mean, do you know how many Berry, Berry, Berry Good ice cream cups in Like-It size I could get for the price of one cut?

dcr said...

I hate getting my hair cut. It's almost as bad as the dentist.

If I go to the barber, it's cheaper. But, then there's the dreaded conversation, which is nearly always about sports. And, since I really don't keep up with sports, well, it's that "outsider" thing again I've mentioned in previous comments.

If I go to a hairstylist, it's more expensive. But, there is no sports talk. On the other hand, around here, the turnover rate is such that you'll never see the same stylist twice. And, nearly everytime, I'll get a stylist that will tell me things about my hair, like it's new information, when really it's the same information the past ten thousand freakin' stylists have told me the last thirty-two thousand times I've had my hair cut. Okay, I exaggerate. But, it's not new information they're telling me.

Oh, and then I sometimes get the ones that come up with things that are just nuts. Like, in my early, early twenties, there was one who told me I had a bald spot. So, of course, when I get home, I have to go and try to find this bald spot, that's not there!

Then there was one who asked if my girlfriend was pulling my hair, and then didn't seem to believe me when I told her "no." (A) I didn't have a girlfriend. (B) There was no one pulling my hair. I did have a hair brush that tended to get stuck occasionally and pull some hair out, but she didn't seem to buy that.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to find a "permanent" stylist. Someone that would know you everytime you get a hair cut, and would know how you want it cut, and would be able to talk about things other than sports or revelations about my hair that I already knew. That'd be worth paying a little more.

Spiff said...

I pay RM10.00 for my monthly haircut and I still think that's highway robbery ...LOL!

Maybe you should try getting a haircut in a mens barber shop, since a hair salon chargers double, who knows, maybe it'll turn out nice ... LOL!

keeyit said...

You are not doing a big changes on your hair styles right ? Just trimming ist ?

I must go for a barber if I changed my hairstyles...

•゚ღJoღ゚•™o(‧”’‧)o said...

i reckon hair cut nowadays is pretty pricey to get it all done in saloon.
few years back i visited one new saloon (the shop i love to go closed that day), i paid same amount end up the hair cut turned out hideous to the max and i felt wan to cry. Swear to god wont go there again, my first and last visit.
My fren mentioned that salon hard to earn my money, coz i hardly go to saloon, twice a year. I even dare drive 4 hours journey back to hometown get my hair cut done, coz it's cheaper. Hahaha... i've permed my hair which cost me RM130 and dyed the hair by myself.
One of my gal fren she went to salon twice a month, spend few hundreds there to make herself feel good. another male friend, trimmed his hair twice a month, i just wondering how fast his fair can grow? his hair cut cost him RM50, if plus colour his hair will end up RM180, madness!

jon said...

When I get ripped off these days, before I give them my money I ask, "Why didn't you just bring a gun and ask for $27." or whatever amount it is. they;re shocked at first... OR if I like them and I just want to be cute, I ask them quite seriously for a loan application.

raqqash said...

Eww..haircut. I always hated to have someone else's hands in my hair, when I had it, that's it. ;)
Now I simply shave off the little that is left and, yes, I think women hairdressers are highway robbers. But be sure, our politicians are far worse ;-)

Kyla Bea said...

Oh jo! = )

Let me present my favourite option, we can call it #6: The Self Dying, Hair School Goer!
I dye my own hair once every two months ($13 every two months) and, as my haircut is just a layer trim, I go to a hair school to have it trimmed up. The cut costs $15 every three months and the kids are constantly monitered and by my being very specific and asking lots of questions I've never had a bad experience. In fact because they have to show their teacher what they're doing as they cut, mistakes that my previous hairdressed made constantly by rushing are totally bypassed.

But you definitely have to do some maneuvering to be "tended to" without feeling like you got mugged after it's all said and done.

Suzie said...

you would not believe what I pay for a hair cut and is insane! $130 plus $20 tip....

david said...

I usually let old geezers cut my hair. They charge less and I want them to make some money. But these few years, I just trim my hair by myself!

Susan Suarez said...

Luckily a few years ago I found someone who would cut my hair the way I like it. I'm a wash and go gal but I like layers. I hated it when stylists would cut my hair and it would look all choppy. At one time, you....used to cut my own hair. :)

Fruit species said...

I'm still learning how to cut my own hair using a mirror :)

Debo Hobo said...

Okay, I am all over this one.

My hair requires regular maintenance every two weeks($45), then if I want to have straight hair in the summer mostly it has to be relaxed ($75) and then touched up every six weeks($60), don't forget the two week fee in-between the six weeks. Hmmm what's that I need to have the ends cut? Add another $25 bucks. Oh those aren’t highlights? I need to cover those up? Okay how much is that color please? Hmmm $50 more dollars?

I wish I could walkout of a salon spending less than $75 buck and 4 hours of my time. But the gossip is so good and that's free. Why don’t I just keep my natural curls all they require is deep conditioning & cream rinse.

I think my stylist hold my hairstyle for hostage and I pay the ransom in vanity.

Nessa said...

Hi Joanne:)

Nice post! I'm probably the 'lucky' few having haircuts twice a year, at most!

Back then, (about 10 years ago) I used to have my hair done(wash/blow dry/style) every other day!:o but now, I just couldn't be bothered anymore! LOL

Have a great day Joanne:)

Stealth said...

Reading this post made me so happy that my best friend, a hairdresser, cuts my hair for free. If I had to do it myself, I would look like a cancer patient.

coyotemike said...

I LOVE henna-ed hair :)

cooper said...

I've cut my own hair once or twice always with disastrous results. Living in New York for four years one sees just how expensive haircuts can be though...yikes.

My hair goes fast but twice a year for a hair cut and I have to shake the piggy bank for that.
My hair is wavy though so it is easier to make a mistake and end up with some random middle of the head curl sticking almost straight up

cbenc12 said...

Get a new hair style.. dye it or something~ It always makes me happy to have new hair.. woman needs/deserves pampering sometimes, don't they?

xtina said...

I don't do anything fancy to mine (obvi). Simple layering, occasional magic perm, and dye every few months. The best part of it is I get it done for freeee. *high five*

Getting it done in Asia for a mere $2,000 seems awfully tempting, not gonna lie. Alas, I think I'll drown in my own hairy mess before that opportunity arises.

So, you're part Mongolian, eh?

Joanne said...

Miki: Ohh, so am I…but out of necessity, I learned to speak up to explain the unexplainable weirdness that is my hair. That is so smart, to wash your hair beforehand, I never thought of doing that. Then again, I must confess, there’s something really soothing about having someone else wash my hair, lols…I’m so weird *gulps*! BERRY BERRY GOOD! OMG, let’s go to Coldstone this weekend…after I make you and Vy those banana pancakes as a thank-you ;)

Dan: Try going to an Asian salon for your haircuts, then? I’ve encountered pretty opinionated hairstylists before, too…particularly in the 90’s where they loved to do this “poof!” thing with my hair and bangs. *shudders* I also got the “Oh, your hair is just damaged” from many of them to explain why my hair would curl, haha. I don’t know about a “permanent” stylist…what if I wanted to try something new? Not likely, but hypothetically speaking, I like to have options and leaving some things up to chance. At the very worst, it reaffirms that I should stick and stay with what works, lols!

Spiff: Hm, I think there’s just a totally different price range for female hair—it’s like a standard to charge more or something. I don’t mind getting a trim in Asia, there’s this place right outside my grandfather’s apartment in Taipei that gives your head a massage during the shampooing and 15-minute backrub before your haircut. My whole family is addicted to this service, haha.

Keeyit: Yeah, I generally just trim keeping the same layers. Every once in awhile, I change how I want my bangs to look (i.e. do I want fuller bangs that make me look very asian, lols). Right now, I’m going for a change and am maintaining longer bangs…for now, who knows, I might get fed up and cut ‘em short again!

Jo: I’ve noticed that coloring hair seems to be more expensive in all places. Plus, I don’t like putting so many chemicals in my hair, so my family does our own hair-dyes using less harmful alternatives, like henna hair-dyes.

Jon: HAHAHA. You’re such a tease.

Raqqash: lols, I sort of like that feeling of someone else’s hands running through my hair (I’m a sucker for someone else shampooing my head as well)…of course, it either has to be a hair-saloonist or someone I know, haha. Oh boy, our politicians for sure. Highway robbery can be applied to any situation that is befitting of the definition.

Kyla: Ooo! I’ve actually thought about that option before, haha! But ever since I got into the swing of cutting my own hair, it’s worked so I stuck with it. Funny thing is that because I’m so good with my own hair, my younger sister trusts me to cut her hair now. First time it happened she was soooo nervous—I swear, the entire time she was wiping sweaty palms and mumbling prayers under her breath while squeezing her eyes tight, tight, tight. LOL.

Suzie: My god, woman! Where do you live…the preferred hang-out for highway robbers? ;)

David: Aw, that’s nice. Male hair is easier to manage and trim. And if there was a huge mess-up, guys have the option of shaving it all off. I think the shortness (and constant trimming) makes guys’ hair grow faster. A bad haircut would take my hair forever to grow out!

Fruit Species: Props to ya! I think two mirrors would confuse me. I generally part my hair and cut the layers from the side (while hoping for the best, haha).

Deb: HAHA, nice metaphors…I like. Ah, us women spend too much money for beauty. Converting all that time into money and adding what’s spent on hair, I’m sure we all could put a down payment for a house or something.

Nessa: I prefer low-maintenance as well. The good thing about my hair is that since it’s thin, it dries pretty quickly. Straightening takes only 20 minutes for me. But most days, I just clip half of it up and let it air-dry. I’m so lazy, haha…!

Stealth: lols! I’m envious, a friend who knows how to cut hair professionally and while you get your hair done you can chit-chat like old friends because…you guys are! Sweetness.

Mike: Yeah, I don’t like all the chemicals that go into hair-dyes. Although a good alternative, even the natural brands have some harmful chemicals. Only henna is completely natural, which is why my family likes to use it. Either way (more natural hair-dyes or henna), I like how it changes as the weeks by because it fades nicely.

Cooper: Haha, yeah I remember feeling like I got more of my money’s worth if I waited long enough (if I could, haha) to cut 3-4” off. City haircuts are always so much more expensive! I remember it being the same way for cities in Asia. Definitely a hell of a lot cheaper when it’s DIY, but it took many trial-and-error experiences for me to get a hang of how my hair works, lols.

Cbenc12: Not looking for a drastic change per se, but a slightly new look does make me feel wonderful. I generally alternate between dyeing my hair reddish-brown and letting the roots grow out black…so when I finally re-dye the faded brown with something more red, people who don’t know me think it’s some BIG change when it’s really a color I’ve had since I started dyeing my hair in my senior year of high school.

Vy: *ahh, a-very naiice*

ChrissyJo said...

15 minute backrub? I would love to find a place like that. I usually go to the cheaper places but I was finally persuaded to 'just try' this hair stylist and naturally, it looked the best it ever has. It ONLY costs me 110 bucks every 6 weeks, :( oh, the other things I could do with that money.

conan_cat said...

oh my, it is exactly the same amount that you pay to make your hair in malaysia... yurp, 60 for a dye or 12 for a guy's cut, only it is in RM not USD! haha. here people don't mind going to saloons because we simply don't know how to cut our own hair. my mom tried once on my hair and failed miserably. o also tried once on my own hair, alright let's just say it's traumatic.

but whoa, you can actually cut your own hair! haha. that's really cool to me lo :D it seemed like a doctor who can do a surgery to himself to me... haha

John said...

$15 including tip for me. And I really like my barber. As for you, I think you look very pretty. Whatever you are doing is working well!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

dailytri said...

I make haircuts an adventure, rarely seeing the same stylist twice. Boutique salons that offer facial massages as part of the pre-hair cut get high marks from me. And having a female wash and cut my hair is a bit erotic. Guess that's why I don't mind paying $30 or more every six weeks.

The All Seeing Eye said...

A trip home sure does recharge the batteries....

Joanne said...

Chrissyjo: My goodness that’s a helluva lot of money every 6 weeks, it’s cool that you found a hair stylist that you like going to, though! =) Hahaha, and yes…I’m a sucker for backrubs because growing up I learned how to give really good backrubs for other people (my elders).

Conan: Punk! I was about say that you were totally getting highway robbed over there, lols! Learning how to cut my own hair took a lot of practice and daring (the first few times, I was way too scared to do more than a few nips). I had to mess up a couple of haircuts to learn something, hah.

John: Hahaha, thanks!

Dailytri: LOL. I agree, having someone else wash your hair is really sensual in a relaxing way.

The All Seeing Eye: Yeah, I definitely need to make more trips home…but school gets so hectic that sometimes it’s really hard to pull away (even though I see that I need a lil’ home-charging, lol).

Mighty Morgan said...

Glad to know that I am not alone in giving myself haircuts...have been doing it since I was old enough to use a pair of scissors on my mothers makeup brushes, dolls, myself and anything else that looked like it needed a "trim". Needless to say at the age of thirty-three I still butcher my hair with the little "trims" I give myself. Each time proclaiming aloud..this is the last time I will f*uck up my hair like this....a month or two later...right back to square one....unfortunately I can't hide the terrible mistakes...just gotta let em grow out till the next round!

Joanne said...

Morgan: Ahh, hahaha...old habits sure die hard, don't they? I always think that I can cut my hair with regular scissors (instead of using thinning scissors, which make it easier to control length and give my hair more shape)...but after many tries (and misses), I've now learned to not do any major cutting without using a thinning scissor, haha!

dcr said...

I don’t know about a “permanent” stylist…what if I wanted to try something new?

I've had the same hairstyle since the seventh grade. Why change now? It's versatile. Works if it's short. Works if it's long. If I changed my hairstyle, I'd have to have a new cartoon-me made.

Consistency, I say. Consistency.

Rolando said...

Come on let me cut it just once. I'll practice on Morgan. If you like it, then I'll cut yours free of charge :)

Joanne said...

Dan: I tend to what consistently works, yes. But after several years of making minor adjustments, the style's the same...yet really different. At least judging from old pictures, hah.

Rolando: Why, how generous! I'm flabbergasted...but first, you must let me experiment with your hair...perhaps a green mohawk? I think you'd be able to pull it off! LOLs!

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