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Monday, September 24

Where The Quality Schtuff (Dsktp Wallpaper) At

I'm a sucker for aesthetically pleasing colors.

Example: if I found an article of clothing I really liked, I'd probably buy it in at least one other color as well. So while I've yet to give Dan my thoughts on his super-secret new test eCommerce a woman, I sure hope it's got pretty colors! ;)

But I'm digressing (not to mention trying to score some hits, er...I mean, improve my blog with a sparring partner).

Anyhow, when Jon tagged me with the Desktop Meme (which I immediately completed as I've been notoriously procrastinating his Celeb Crushes one), I had several people asking me in the comments where I found the wallpaper called Colored Windows. Well, I prefer getting my desktop wallpapers from this site with free high-resolution wallpaper for all screen sizes called InterfaceLIFT.

I should take a moment to thank Vy for introducing me to this site when I had to get a new laptop last Spring because I temporarily plugged in my Ethernet cord across the middle of my bed and across the short gap to my desk...

(that idea sounds as bad as it was) yeah.

My 4 yrs-old lightweight VAIO fell from my desk to the tiled floor, would only work in safe mode where the screen was an amusing-only-for-the-first-5-seconds 2" x 3" rectangle and (confirmed by Vinh when he extracted my hard-drive) pretty much kaputt!

Good news was that I got a laptop with a wider screen and lots of other neat-o abilities (amazing the difference 4 years will do to technology!) and promptly went hi-res wallpaper crazy for awhile.

So, join the frenzy. Spread it.

17 Musing(s):

dcr said...

I hope your new laptop has wireless Internet access. ;-)

xtina said...

I always suspected that you did that on purpose just so you could upgrade.

Stop being so sneaky.

thethinker said...

I'm so afraid of getting a laptop because I just know that I'm going to drop it just as often as I drop my cell phone. I like how this desktop just sits here, as safe as can be right on top of the desk.

david said...

Dan's e-commerce site can't go wrong with pink! I had a very expensive laptop and it broke in 2 years.. I learned my lesson and I'm using a desktop pc that cost half as less and twice as effective! Give it a try!

dcr said...

David: Too bad they don't make the eMate anymore. That would have been perfect for you; it was designed to survive being dropped.

No pink, though there is a highlight color in a shade of red. It has to appeal to men and women, but women will be the most frequent buyers.

peteej said...

Dude, you just reminded me of my unfortunate Powerbook accident. Had it probably three months, plugged in the power cord, dogs ran by and dragged it across the table and down to the floor. Amazingly, it still works, but the aluminum case is dented and the screen has a bright spot. Should have gone with the polycarbonate model. If I could only come up with a couple thousand dollars, I could get a new one...they redesigned the power plug specifically to prevent this sort of thing.

dcr said...

Peteej: I'm guessing you have a MacBook. ;-)

Coyotemike said...

Laptops are a wonderful thing, but they seem to decide to fornicate themselves at the least opportune time. I got mine just last January, and yesterday the internal wireless card decided it didn't exist anymore. Cue a quick run to the evils of Walmart and a $50 purchase for an external plug-in card.

I hates the Walmart.

Joanne said...

Dan: Hahaha, sadly…both have wireless, I use Ethernet depending on location.

Vy: Shhhhhhh!

TheThinker: I thought about getting a desktop, but I like/need the portability of a laptop.

David: Ehh, I’m so-so about pink. Plus, there’s too many connotations that go along with that color…it’ll have to depend on how it’s used. Haha, I’m always on the go, so I can’t have a desktop.

Peteej: Aww! Haha, actually that wasn’t the first time I dropped my laptop. Just the first time, it didn’t recover, lol.

Mike: Yeah, I’m not surprised at what my laptop decides to do (because I swear it has a mind of its own and PMS). Feel the same about Walmart, it irks me that they’re trying to build one (tried to HIDE that they were planning on building one, too! Like, what other store demands such a ridiculous amount of space?) in Blacksburg. There’s already one 15 minutes away in Christiansburg and a lot of people, including myself, are adamantly against having another one here.

jon said...

So now there's widget lust, hi-res wallpaper craziness and theme changing addiction. . . how many vices can we cope with at any time?

mikkers said...

My Macbook has that new magnetic power cord. That way when someone or something accidentally trips over the power cord, the plug doesn't take the whole computer with it but instead disconnects easily. I ruined the charging plug on my laptop by pulling my last Powerbook off the bed similar to yours (but with not as great a fall). The tip of my charge plug actually was burnt into the charging port of the computer...eep!

oh, and i love this resource as a desktop place:

Joanne said...

Jon: The question should be, how many more vices will we have to cope with? ;)

Miki: Ooo, nice site...thanks! I like the whole magnetic idea. Definitely thinking about getting a Mac for my next laptop, haha.

•゚ღJoღ゚•™o(‧”’‧)o said...

u can go to look for nice wallpaper , as well as download their dock application / icons. then ur desktop can be customized look like MACbook. :P

dnordstrom said...

Vaios are nice, if I were a PC user, I'd definitely go with one of those.

I always look for wallpapers at DeviantArt, awesome place. I'm in fact on my way over there to look for a new one now. Been using this one for a couple of months now:

Love it. Sleek and simple, just like I want it. Need some change though.

Joanne said...

Daniel: Yeah, my new laptop is also a VAIO...I feel like I should branch out, but the VAIOs are so pretty! Who knows though about my next one, I've got my eye on a Black MacBook! ;) And wow, that is one awesome desktop wallpaper--black wood is very nice, indeed.

Erina Hart said...

Technology does advance quickly. I just bought a new laptop a few days ago. The new features are wild.

I'm glad you have a new computer. Just don't let this one fall :)

Joanne said...

Erina: Ooo! Congrats on the new laptop, that's always real exciting, hah. Yeah, I'm more careful now...but it's sorta like how I don't really take care of my cell-phone (old habits die hard, lol).

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