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Monday, September 17

Line 'Em Up!

I’m not a big fan of doodling spirals for some reason.

Don’t get me wrong here, I love sketching random things (usually abstract). I’ve been trying to curb my tendency to make random scribbles in the margins of my notes. Sometimes, depending on my mood, they even transform into rather elaborate drawings or a silly cartoon series. Although usually it’s just an explosion of “I’m too busy trying not to think” or “I’ve no idea what the hell I’m drawing” lines and curves.

When I was younger, my mom once mentioned she read how children who drew spirals during childhood are thought to be more intelligent (supposedly the visual of spirals stimulates brain development). She confessed to being a Spiral Child. Being young, impressionable and totally in love with my mother, I thus tried the whole spiraling thing...

Yeeeah, it never stuck.

Sometimes you can’t force yourself to like something, just like you can’t force yourself to love someone.

I do find spirals very interesting and all, but after a few minutes, I always get so easily bored with them—I mean, they can only go in ONE direction!

Stubborn little punk that I was, I tried to make the spirals work for my 8-yrs-old attention span by doing variously sized spirals, a spiral of spirals, spiral people and objects, etc, but all in vain.

I’m too loyal to my lines, it seems.

Given a blank sheet of paper, I’d start from all four corners, making line after line at numerous angles to build an assortment of triangles towards the center of the page. Or, stripes! For some reason I’m really amused by drawing stripes at various angles next to each other. I can only imagine how much ink I’ve wasted throughout the years by trying out the different perspectives you get from different spacing.

The scanner function on my printer isn’t working (probably due to the fact that I accidentally dropped it when I moved in), so instead I experimented around with good ol’ Paint.

See all the different images you can do with lines?!

Yup, yours truly was definitely a Lines & Angles type of child. Still am, I s'pose, since I spent an hour last night to create the above 2 images instead of doing work.

But for all my love of lines...I've noticed that for some reason I prefer writing and taking notes (it tends to be neater, too!) on unlined paper.

23 Musing(s):

xtina said...

I can only imagine the amount of paper you've wasted over the years. Think of the treeees.

Sounds like a death trap for ADD kids if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Lines spirals, spiraling lines. Whatever draws you down that rabbit hole, and lets your mind wander... to a place where imagination blooms and creativity flows. Enjoy those moments when your mind is at peace.


Sarcasm Abounds said...

I really like the second line drawing, for whatever reason.

Reminds of of the "James Bond" down-the-barrel of a gun images, ususally seen at the beginning of those movies.

Probably really not what you were looking for, but that's what it evoked for me.


Brent said...

That's hardcore. That is spiral++

and I agree you got some James Bond action going on there :)

dcr said...

Spirals also trap evil spirits. ;-)

Notes? You take notes?

Mind you, for work I take notes. But, I rarely did in school, only when we had to, like when the teacher said "Make note of this..." Then, it was like, okay, but it's not like we can't take the textbook home! Besides, we'll be tested on what's in the textbook, not what we happened to scribble down.

It's not like the teachers ever told us anything that wasn't in the textbook.

I'm pretty sure if I ever have kids teachers will want me to homeschool them...

Oh, but the discussion was on lines and spirals, wasn't it? Nice artwork. I don't remember if I drew spirals or not when I was a kid. I did get a drawing published though.

I do remember in junior high, we played war. You drew your tank on one side of the page, and your opponent drew his. Then, you'd shoot at each other by swiping your pencil across the page starting at your tank's gun and hopefully hitting your opponent's tank. No spirals involved there.

StHalcyon said...

I was never the spiral kind of a guy. I used to draw little obstacle courses, and the game is to use your pencil (finger on eraser, pencil tip on paper), and flick it from start to finish with your desk mate. Basically, a complex course with many things in the midst. We each take turns, and the first to cross the finish line wins. Ah... The good ol' days when I didn't give a rat's hoot about class materials. Is that why I don't know where DC is on the map? Just kidding...

Rolando said...

I drew spirals, but I'm still working at McDonalds. Go figure. j/k

Good story Joanne and very cool artwork. :)

Chris_Titan said...

You will love Olive Whicher's Projective Geometery.

I will see if I can find a decent link.


Chris Titan

coyotemike said...

I used to get in trouble as a child because I would turn my homework and tests in with spirals and strange shapes in all the margins. I'm not sure it was anything to do with creativity or the fact that once a task is done my mind moves on to other things.

Oh, and HI!!! First time reader, possible new fan :D

Katherine said...

I like your lines and angles Jo. But I was a spiral child...still am...I've tried to quit doodling in my notes, too, but if you look at yesterday's notes from my boring humanities class, you'll find a spiral in the margin, along with sarcastic comments concerning our class discussion...

spirals are kind of boring, though. There's not much to do with them once you're done. Lines and angles can be part of so much more!

self improvement said...

It's an interesting post. Your mother told you that spirals were better, but you can't force yourself to do something that isn't natural to you. I usually go with boxes and lines. The 3D boxes were always my favorite.

Down with spirals!

david said...

I don't know about you, but I like to draw cartoons when I was young and even now if I have some spare time. I guess I'm the artistic kind. Art is a bang!

Suzie said...

since I'm a word person and think in words not images I never drew line or circles... just boys initials

thethinker said...

I'm bad with lines. I have to really, really concentrate to draw a straight line.

And I'm no good at taking notes on unlined paper. I can't write in straight lines either.

Joanne said...

Vy: Or the perfect playground. =P

Kymerean: Hm, I think the only time my mind feels at peace is during yoga. Whenever I do something artistic, it seems to stimulate the wanderings of my mind even more…haha very fun, indeed.

SA: Ooo! I see what you mean! Huh, that’s pretty cool. Usually, I keep going towards the center until the circle gets really small, but I stopped it early as the going is pretty slow using Paint compared to drawing with my hand, lols!

Brent: HAHA, spiral++? Love it.

Dan: Haha, I don’t know…for me, lecture notes are absolutely crucial. Textbooks are the review. Hm…that war game sounds ridiculously amusing, I must find someone willing to try it out with me.

John: Omg, that reminds me of a drawing game I used to play…! I vaguely remember it, I only recall that you were creating an obstacle course and it was also a race—I mainly recall being fiercely competitive at it.

Rolando: So, you were a Spiral Child, huh? I wonder if a kid could be a Sprial, Lines, and Angels Child…

Chris: I do enjoy it. It’s funny how even though I resented math growing up, I loved geometry.

CoyoteMike: Haha, yeah even now it’s sometimes a struggle not to doodle something during a meeting…but old habits die hard. ;)

Kath: Oh but how I love your sarcastic comments. When I borrowed your notes for Saffle’s class that one time, I remember how thoroughly enjoyable your margins were. =P

Christopher Tysh: Haha, I almost forgot about the 3D boxes—those are a good alternative. Spirals are just as visually stimulating, but I always felt boxes, lines and angles had so much more…visual depth and variety.

Suzie: LOLs!

TheThinker: Haha, I have problems drawing a circular circle. My freehand circles always look lopsided. =)

cooper said...

My spirals are more often than not circular. I have a bunch somewhere. I should dig them out and then we can have a show......;)

dadaism said...

you are so brilliant. i am so humbled by the fact that you read my blogs. your kind words of encouragement means so much to me.

have a nice day everyday.


keeyit said...

I am not good in sketching BUT I can draw with colors especially chinese paintings. May be I can show you my painting next time.. :)

SimoneM said...

Hi all,
I'm sure this is just a lot more wasted paper, but supposedly our "doodles" can be analysed...This is what they mean:

Upward arrows - ambition
Horizontal arrows - perceptiveness
Arrows in all directions - an open mind

Planes, cars, trains - A need to go on holiday

Noughts & crosses - A competitive personality

Stars - An idealist

Squares & triangles - An organised brain and clear thought processes

Pretty faces - A sociable nature

No doodles - A precise, direct nature

Debo Hobo said...

The majority of the lines are ruler strait except for a few in the center. Is there a reason? What was your statement with that?

ChrissyJo said...

I loved spirals as a kid, I played with the spirograph kit for hours a day for years - maybe that is why I am so intelligent :) Now as an adult I tend to like lines and squares though. I think my taste changed when I got a degree in interior design, everything I used seemed to be square. I probably did get a little dumber though.

jon said...

Thing is, I used to LOVE drawing mini 1 or 2 frame graphic stories in the margins of my notebooks. I wish I still did that sort of thing.

Joanne said...

Cooper: Ooo, you should! I always enjoy looking at artwork, more so when I know the person.

Dada: Aww, you’re very welcome. I’m glad you’re posting more often =)

Keeyit: Do you use calligraphy for the Chinese paintings? I love the watercolors. Haha, I’d always get in trouble when I was younger for my calligraphy lessons since I’d draw pictures instead of practicing the characters!!! =)

Simonem: Ooo, thanks for sharing! I figured that they meant something, like handwriting can reflect your personality as well.

Deborah: Yeah, I like the contrast of lines and curved lines mixed together. It somehow worked into being like a knot in the center. I never know what a sketching will transform into, it’s part of the fun =)

ChrissyJo: You have a degree in Interior Design? That’s soooo cool. I think I like all the lines and angles because of the different contrasts you can make with them, possibilities are endless.

Jon: Why not still? I stopped making full-page drawings like those I posted, but when I wanted to give a visual with my post…I easily picked it up again, haha.

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