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Sunday, September 16

Phase of Paranoia

When this happens... oh, it makes me so unbelievably mad, mad, mad.

Like, I tell myself that people who plagiarize the past can't take away from the potential of the future. But the circular argument that future eventually becomes past and past can then be plagiarized makes me cynically pissed off all over again.

And, did I mention paranoid as well?

See, I previously had the CreativeCommons disclaimer at the bottom of my page. It's still there, but now I've added a little blurb at the top. And this copyscape banner (to find unauthorized duplicate copies on the web) that used to be at the bottom of my right sidebar has been moved to the top as well.

I wonder if this'll make any difference or if I'm straight-up deluding myself.

But either way, I don't believe I could stop writing.

I mean, a lack of time might prevent me, but only for a short while as that "Pummeling" has already been established as being irrelevant...

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brandy said...

Ahhh the anger, I can relate. It's a weird feeling to see your words on someone else's page. I mean, I love it when I get quoted, but to have someone copy and paste my thoughts and claim them as their own was really... hurtful. And maybe that sounds silly but I just don't get why it would happen. Anyway, I'm going to look further into copywrite widgets/etc, I have one up but want to do more research now. I (like you!) just feel better having them on the page.

cooper said...

It does make you feel kind of helpless, mostly my stuff end up on splogs.
When I first started a real blog I was I found things I had written on other regular sites and posted comments which were removed both times. I kind of ignored it put a copyright on the blog and finally moved to wordpress. The "digi fingerprint" helps as well but this is rampant, compared to what it used to be.

dnordstrom said...

I'm not going to do like the rest of your readers and tell you in what ways I can relate. Why? Because I don't relate, not this time. I mean, come on. Life itself is a gigantic mystery, yet you focus your emotions and attentions on this tiny detail that you already understand but cannot control.

I understand why you would care about something you put effort into. But why would you let such a nonsense triviality piss you off? "Unbelievably mad", that's not healthy.

Same goes for your other post. Anger and bitterness will consume you, I'm telling you. Once it has eaten you up from inside, you're left with a serious problem. You know, feeling numb isn't is pleasant as it sometimes sounds and bringing your old self back to life, well, it won't be easy.

Say to yourself, "fuck it", and just move on. Is the world unfair? Well, fuck the world then. Just be. Being unhappy is okay, but please don't let small uncontrollable details piss you off.

You see, I like you. You're a nice girl with great mindset. Don't lose it and don't let anyone take it from you. I bet you don't even realize how special you are, Joanne.

Gadget said...

Hey there! I've had this happen with my posts from my year of travel. While it initially bothers me, I let it go pretty quick.

Many sites pull RSS feeds and reproduce your content. Usually these sites are trying to get ad revenue (the Google ads). Hey, you think my post can make you money? Nice. :)

I don't have the creative commons disclaimer on my site. Most good people won't rip your blog. My only major copyright concern is on my book, and if pieces of my book ever pop up anywhere that would be a different story.

Keep on blogging, and no worries with the goofballs out there on the web! :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure what happened, but I understand your feelings on being plagarized. It has happened to me several times, the one thing that I do to maintain everything on my end is to create each poem or blog in word and then have it timestamped and saved to media once a week. This has helped me in several instances, but regardless you are still left pissed off that someone had the gall to use your words as there own.


Rolando said...

Sorry to hear that Joanne. I'd be somewhat pissed but laughing at the idiot who copied my stuff.

Then I'd put a 'nice' remark in their comment box, hahahah (evil laugh).

Joanne said...

Daniel: I know bitterness can consume a person, but trying to swallow it makes it worse. I guess for me, letting it out seems to help me let go of any hurt or resentment I might still feel. I actually think my above post about the past is a lot less emo-ish compared to my earlier ones, haha. But it was bothering me that I had written it and put off publishing it—like I was trying to hide a part of my feelings. This IS being true to myself, acknowledging it for what it’s worth and putting it down. If I didn’t let it all out, I think my feelings could’ve easily turned into bitter resentment…it’s sort of like riding out a wave. And the further you ride it out, the less high it goes. It’s just me, releasing a knot. Thanks for the concern, it’s really sweet…but I’ve been through at least enough to know that knowing who I am is one thing no one can take away from me.

dnordstrom said...

I've got no problem with you letting it out, not at all. I'm just suggesting that you should also let it go. It's done, over. Move on.

Magari said...

I wish someone would plagiarize me. :(

Is it wrong to be honored by the act?

Joanne said...

Magari: LOLs, something wrong never stopped me from feeling good about it as well! ;)

Magari said...

Even if it's technicly wrong...

Who cares?

Its just making your content more popular, and thats what its about. Promote the art not the artist.

Winston Churchill