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Tuesday, October 23

Seriously, Not

As much as I lament being a girl certain days...

I think I'd always choose to be re-born female.

(just a tad biased here)

If only for appreciating how it feels to be back to "normal" after an excruciating past couple of days. I used to half-boast how I never suffered the usual symptoms. HA! I was hit with a pounding migraine, overall bloated-ness, and if the two previous posts were any indication, a case of sentimental woes.

(thanks for bearing with that)

I ought to heed the lesson here and remember to stop announcing how I've never had a hangover before karma decides to teach me a lesson.

(believe me... the irony of saying as such on a public blog is not lost upon me)

I swear it's the quarter-Mongolian blood in me or something. I remember everything, I've never thrown-up, and I don't get the Asian red either. The last part surprises most people because (courtesy of my mom) I always have a slight pink flush to my cheeks and when I'm laughing real hard, it flushes a deeper shade...accompanied by loud, head-thrown back sort of laughter and trademark weak knees.

Some claim it's because I just didn't drink enough.

Ahh, ha! And, of course, I was curiously arrogant enough to test my limits.

Long story short?

I'm simply a freak of nature masquerading as an Asian. Just a strong buzz that peaks faster and plateaus out for a longer time period.

(but I digress...)

Because if you can believe it, I meant this to be a post on Green Tea Bubble Tea...

Photography by Vy's LGvx8500 (chocolate) phone

Go ahead!

Exclaim in utmost horror and with righteous indignation that the above photo is NOT of Bubble Tea.

And yet...sadly, it is.

"What IS this!?" Vy fervently whispers to me in undertones.

"Oh, no." I'm barely containing laughter at this point, "I think I know what it is."

Some poor, deprived and utterly clueless newb at Deet's blended the tapioca pearls with the ice. When he handed it to us, we accepted it in shock. Hell, we even managed to walk a few paces towards a booth to further ponder our mutilated bubbles...

We got new Bubble Teas, of course.

(after much hysterical giggling, MUCH)

But I should confess...we waited to specifically ask the Asian girl to make it.

I know!

We're incorrigibly picky upstarts.

31 Musing(s):

dcr said...

Hmmm. New profile photo. So, now I've seen 5 different photos of you. And, the shapeshifting continues. I think they're photos of five different girls and you're just toying with us now. ;-)

Joanne said...

Dan: LOLs, do I seriously look that different in all of 'em? Surely, there must be some similarity somewhere... Oh! And I asked some of my friends for their opinion on this shapeshifting theory, now, I'm almost positive it does indeed have to do with you having never seen my actual person. I look forward to utterly confusing you further with more such shape-shifting photos in the future! ;)

Holly said...

I have no idea what Bubble Tea is, but that looks...well, disgusting.

Susie said...

I have no idea what Bubble Tea is either, but that looks like the food I mix together when I'm in a hurry. My food looks disgusting too, but it actually eateable.

peteej said...

dcr, maybe it's all a hoax and Joanne is actually a guy. This is teh Internets after all. :P

That stuff looks like overcooked couscous...I hope that was the bad one. I've heard of Bubble Tea, but have never seen it. I'm not sure if I could handle chunks of anything in my drink.

dcr said...

Joanne(!?) wrote:
do I seriously look that different in all of 'em? Surely, there must be some similarity somewhere...

Two different Asian women, two different half-Asian women and one woman that's maybe 1/4 Asian if you look close. The two half-Asian women look similar enough that they might possibly be the same person.

That's what it looks like to me.

peteej wrote:
dcr, maybe it's all a hoax and Joanne is actually a guy. This is teh Internets after all. :P

That story about his/her name did sound like a stretch, didn't it? ;-)

mcgee said...

oh my least you found the humor in it. i probably would've just lost my patience and been all, "can you please give me a CORRECTLY MADE taro boba NOW?!"

the frogster said...

Dude (or dudette if you prefer- I spent long enough in California that everyone is "dude" to me),

I played football in high school and gotten jumped and beaten up by four people and had some incredible intestinal stuff, but I gotta say- chicks are a thousand times tougher than guys. It's just true. I once went to a doctor and told him I didn't like pain and he said, "Well, you're a guy."

If guys had to go through what women did, our entire workforce would have one week off per month and two years maternity leave.

I like bubble tea with a skinny straw so you can skewer the bubbles and eat them at your own pace instead of having them all crash down onto your mouth at the same time.

Joanne said...

*Bubble Tea is a really yummy desert drink:*

Holly: Not only did it look gross, it tasted disgustingly bland as well!

Susie: Yeah, when I blend protein soy-shakes, sometimes it looks real bad but actually tastes pretty good, lols.

Pete, Dan: Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not pulling a Jeff Mackey Rahodeb on you guys or the interweb, lols!

Pete: Yup, the pic was of the messed-up one…haha, the ice does make it look a bit like couscous. But couscous is like mac and cheese, you can’t screw it up!

Dan: I get half-Asian a lot, or at least, mixed-Asian (Japanese is a common assumption, then it’s Korean). Which one looks ¼? And how on earth did you settle on such a fraction?!

Mcgee: Hahaha, the unexpected ridiculousness of it all put the amusing spin on it. It helped that our re-made Bubble Teas were deliciously close to perfect, hah.

Joanne said...

Frogster: LOLOLs! Duddette sounds weirds, haha. And, you know what I like it with the smaller straw, too!! Sometimes the big straw makes me choke on it when it comes a little too fast, haha. They ran out of big straws and haven’t replenished them, so for the past weeks, I’ve been using the small straw and a long spoon.

dcr said...

Which one looks ¼? And how on earth did you settle on such a fraction?!

The one by the tree, but that is a tricky one because your(?) face is so much smaller in that one compared to the others.

1/4 would be if one grandparent was Asian and the other 3 were not.

Joanne said...

Dan: Hah, still seems like an oddly random fraction to me! Now that's interesting, I think I look the most Asian in that pic with the tree b/c of the bangs.

Joanne said...

Dan: PS, I changed my Guess Who? sidebar pic to a more up-close shot, still think it's 1/4th? LOLs

dcr said...

Don't know. BlogSpot must not like it, because your blog hangs after loading, apparently hanging on the images because no photos show up at all right now.

I'll check again in a few...

dcr said...

Okay, now it shows up. So, now you've eliminated the half-Asian woman from the sidebar! ;-) That one was more spontaneous and representative of laidback Buddhism.

Anyway, the new one looks more Asian than the other tree shot, but still not as Asian as some of the others.

Is this now the most bizarre discussion we've had? The Asian-ness of your photos?

Joanne said...

Dan: Yeah, I know! I'm probably going to change it back to the original or another equally spontaneous shot from that night, but then you're probably going to tell me how it doesn't look like me again, lols! It could possibly be the most bizarre we've, but definitely not the most random I've ever had, haha.

dcr said...

You changed it again. How old are these photos? You looked the youngest in the previous "In Brief" photo (I think it was the one right before the current one) and the one by the tree looks the most adult.

dcr said...

Okay, so the photo of you that you think looks the most Asian is the one that looks the least Asian to me. So, flipping that around, which of your photos looks the least Asian to you?

Joanne said...

Dan: So is this convos changing from my Asian-ness to how young/old I look in pictures? HAHA, Sheila's right, I should implement a shoutout box to my sidebar or something. Well, both occasions are from this past Spring. The tree pic is late March after I gave my bangs a trim and the B&W series are sometime in February (possibly early-mid March after Spring Break) because my ears aren't pierced yet in those pix. And, I've no idea!! I think I look asian in ALL of 'em...ahhaha?!

dcr said...

So, you can change shape as well as youthfulness? ;-)

I had a theory as to which photo(s) you would choose, but you threw me a curve so I guess I'll never know if I was right.

dcr said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm right even without you answering, because you've answered previously but probably don't know it. :-)

Joanne said...

Dan: Great, now you've piqued my curiosity...please do tell! If I had to choose, I guess the current "In Brief" one because my bangs are currently they've longest been in quite some time now.

dcr said...

Naturally you pick one of the ones that looks the most Asian to me. ;-)

And I still can't help but think how bizarre this conversation has become. On the other hand, it's enlightening too, to see how different people view genetic heritage (is that the most politically correct way of saying it?).

Anyway, I figured that you would pick one where your hair was the least straight, based on your previous discussions of your hair. On the other hand, I was still right that hair would be a determinate factor for you. ;-)

dcr said...

But I should confess...we waited to specifically ask the Asian girl to make it.

Making assumptions? What would you have done if she had prepared it the exact same way? What if she had been the one to teach the guy to do it that way? ;-)

Joanne said...

Dan: LOLs, very true...only she's made us Bubble Teas before and so we know that she can make them well, heh.

Katherine said...

I'm a little shocked that anyone would do that to Bubble Tea...I not only assumed most people were aware of it, but also assumed that employees were generally trained in preparing specialty drinks...

Joanne said...

Kath: Yeah, sometimes even my own assumptions surprise me...remember the soba noodles one? I figured it's such a staple Japanese food that everyone would know what it is, you know, like sushi lols!!!

xtina said...

The nerve of that noob. I'm suddenly craving Bubble Tea. Like now. I might have to reconsider going to Deet's.

And by "waited" did you mean "patiently stalked"?

Joanne said...

Vy: S'all good, we're Deet's regulars! ;)

BillyWarhol said...

i was scrollin' down here to Thank U fer da Link + i was doubly Blessed cuz i got to see yer Guess Who Sexy Shot!!

the God's are Smiling!!

+ me too!!

thx Baby!! ;)) xoxo


Joanne said...

Billy: Ah, haha. Thanks!

Winston Churchill