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Wednesday, November 28


  1. Jet-lag is such a bitch. Couldn’t fall asleep at all Monday night. Made it through classes, an exam, and then crashed at 4 PM. Unsurprisingly, I woke up at 4 AM and had so much friggin’ energy! Cripes, I got myself onto the weirdest cycle.

  2. I had an IM waiting from Vy when I opened my laptop: “someone wants to greet you when you wake up:”hot damn. Incoherent gushing may have occurred.

  3. Everyone’s either sleeping or studying, so you know what that means?

Story time.

I got shoes over break!
I chose shiny black pumps!
And suede brown boots!

Okay, so that’s not really a travel story per se (they will come later and eventually) and much more like a series of gushing proclamations.

But for this girl, that’s kind of a BIG deal because (for once!) it’s NOT tennis shoes or super-cute, comfy walking shoes… I mean, as much as I love those.

Growing up, I burned through my tennis shoes every year (think basketball). Literally created holes, the bottom peeling off…wasn’t pretty and it drove my mom nuts: "I thought I was raising a girl?!”

It’s gotten better, though, since I realized that they last longer when I’ve several different pairs to rotate between.

It took much of my later teens to get used to wearing heels (I already felt so tall, you see, and had yet to learn how to be fully comfortable in one's own skin). For the longest time, I just owned a pair of practical strappy 2” black ones. Several years later, I graduated to 3” dark-brown leather ankle boots. Then, somewhere along the way, I started really appreciating my height and began (dare I say it?)… liking heels!

And now?

I love having the options, and it's one less silly self-imposed constraint! Got no problem rocking out in 4” heels, if so desired.

Well, except when a gal forgets that she hasn’t worn a pair of heels in well over 7 months, and so a smarter gal wouldn’t have spent entire days voluntarily vainly choosing to walk around Taipei in her new 3” brown suede boots (mid-calf to knee high, oh but they looked so good!).

Seriously, how do other women manage it?! My feet punished me in spades.

Ah, the price of vanity—a lesson which can’t ever be over re-learned.

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Raven said...

Hi there! You've been tagged. Check out my site to see...

Lisa said...

I love me some heels but I only wear them on special occasions. It's sneakers, flats, and flip-flops for the rest of the year. It's ridiculously hot here anyway, and my feet can only take so much abuse. Your boots sound incredibly GORGEOUS though. Hmm. I think I'm overdue, and owe myself a pair. Haha.

brookem said...

Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound! I say, splurge on the heels. I have been lately. I always feel like shoes "make" the outfit, and I feel so... classy, and so much... better, in high heels. It's not always comfy, but usually?, it's worth it.

meleah rebeccah said...

I cant WAIT to buy NEW SHOES!

Michelle said...

my mom used to say the same thing about me. i hardly ever wore dresses/skirts/heels but within the last 2 or 3 years they've overtaken my wardrobe! :)

xtina said...

It's weird reading instead of hearing about it. You sound so... perky. A post dedicated to new shoes. The topics for you are endless, huh? =P

delmer said...

I remember going to an event with a female friend of mine (back in '84 or so). She and I had spent a lot of time jogging/running and hanging out but didn't do a lot that even modestly dressing up.

What I remember most about the evening is that she had the hardest time in the heels she was wearing.

(Oh, I saw her, for the first time in about 10 years, over Thanksgiving. She and her husband were coming out of the YMCA I was on my way into.)

Rachel said...

I am so impressed! You do heels and cute sneakers equally well -- you're like a shoe amphibian!

Valley Girl said...

You just gotta get used to 'em, hun.

Alexis said...

Yeah, I wore what I thought were my comfortable heels to a concert a week or so back...I will be not be making that mistake again...

Katherine said...

awww vy is so sweet...and I MUST see these boots. I've gone through my share of pain for beautiful shoes, so I'll appreciate them...

Princess Pointful said...

I'm the opposite, I'm afraid.
I spent my teens traipsing around in ridiculously high heels and platforms (I'm actually down in my school's grad magazine as most likely to break the Guinness World Record for highest shoes), and now? My feet have rebelled, and it is mostly flats for me. I just can't do it anymore!!

Joanne said...

Raven: Thanks for the tag!

Lisa: Haha, I was way overdue myself…think 3 years since my last pair of boots and over 5 years since my last pair of black heels (must admit though, that pair had a good run).

Brookem: Very true. Heels can change an entire outfit completely, besides the fact I walk differently when I wear ‘em. =)

Meleah: Ahahaha, I didn’t expect to buy TWO pairs myself. Def. an extremely gratifying splurge.

Michelle: Same! I think it’s nice to know I can dress up whenever I want or I can opt for something comfier. My style’s has most definitely become more feminine (or lady-like as my aunts like to say) over the years—but, ohhh, I always have such a sweet spot for sporty jackets and shirts/pants!!

Vy: LOLs, because I sounded practically lifeless on the phone when you called during my jet-lagged sleep? Not endless, my dear, ECLECTIC. ;)

Delmer: Yeah, sore feet is one surefire way to get a person into a pissy mood. I usually don’t have a difficult time with 3” heels…I think it may have been a combined effect of new shoes needing to be broken in and the fact that my feet were so used to wearing tennis shoes/flats for so long.

Rachel: HAHAHA. I like the terminology, much.

VG: I figure as much, too. Reminder to self to never go so long without wearing heels, one’s feet become weaksauce! ;)

Alexis: Duration makes a difference, see I found my boots really comfortable the first hour (and they probably would’ve stayed comfy if we did more sitting than walking, lols).

Kath: You will. Like, say TONIGHT! =D

Princess Pointful: Awww, no! Can’t even do mini-heels? Haha, that’s a cute superlative to win though!

Katelin said...

Yay for new shoes! I love buying "grown up" shoes as I call them :)

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