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Monday, November 26

Guess Who

Thanksgiving was a relief (though at times, tantalizing close to torturous).

A bittersweet symphony of outrageously fun laughter and occasionally not-so-friendly bantering. Family can be such a big ol’ mess with all the vibrancies of raw love.

I had a good time, but as with all vacation-traveling, it was tiring.

After the 14-hr flight from Tokyo (coming back isn’t as bad because following the flight from Taipei, Taiwan, we stayed in Narita, Japan one night before heading back to the States), the family and I arrived home Saturday morning at around 11:30 AM.

...and, uh, I slept until 4 AM the next day.

Tis a na├»ve hope, I know, to overcome the time-switch from Asia in 1 day, but I’ll try regardless (as I futilely do every year). And so, yours truly is ambitiously attempting to get her lazy, jet-lagged bum to ALL 3 of the yoga classes offered today, a feat yet to be conquered this semester...

11 days away yields a TON of stories to share and to fondly reflect back on. With everything so recent and so very much at once, it’s hard to know where to even begin.

“The world is like a book: if you’ve only lived in one place, you’ve only read one page of that book,” as my dad likes to say.

His dream/tentative future plan is to retire in 5-10 years, take my mom (and lesser-paying temporary positions) to live in various countries for anywhere from 3 to 6+ months. Although, I’m trying to figure out how our past and recent family visits to other countries fits into this whole book analogy of his.

I suppose traveling could be like the teaser on the back or the inside flap of a book. Sure you'll get the gist of it, but none of the richer details?

Could that be one of the reasons why we always go back to the same countries over and over again...because one visit left us hungering for more?

Oh, and hungering is quite the fitting word for my family.

You know that motto WORK HARD, PLAY HARD?

We add a third: EAT.

Just one of the reasons I ought not skip going to the gym this week!!!

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peteej said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had quite a trip. Pictures, we want pictures! Glad to have you back. :)

(Wow, one of the first to greet you back to the online world!)

Miss Mrs...a blog of everyday delights said...

I lived in Salerno, Italy for 2 months and left a piece of my heart behind for sure. I can still close my eyes and walk through the city in my mind. I want to move there for a few years. Now all I have to do is convince my very-American husband who has never lived anywhere but Central Florida to pack up and move somewhere alien. Hm....Any idea? HaHa.

Lisa said...

Your family and mine would get along famously, yes? We LOVE our food, is all I'm saying. I've missed you!

xtina said...

Work hard, eat hard?

I bet you skipped all 3. Admit it.

Katherine said...

so glad you're back...I missed your regular blog posts!

dailytri said...

Your absence was noted. I'm all for your father's philosophy on living. That's why I never go on the "same" vacation over and over. There's always a new destination to explore. By the time I'm ready to retire, I can decide where I fit most comfortably.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi and welcome back. Gald you had a nice Thanksgiving and a fun time traveling. I can't imagine 14 hours on a plane. The plane ride alone is worth a blog entry. Have fun at yoga. -Mike

Susie said...

Nice to see you back :) I'm nowhere close to retiring but I agree with your father. My dream is also to be able to live and work in different places. I would always want to experience the Finnish summer, but I wouldn't mind living somewhere else in the winter. I just have to try to find a job where it doesn't matter where in the world I live.

I'm looking forward to reading more about your trip :)

Mike Goad said...

I CAN imagine long plane flights. Years ago when I was a sailor... but that's another story. Welcome back! Our holiday trip was only 3 hours up to the in-laws... and that was after Thanksgiving. Our next one is up to visit our daughter in Wisconsin, but we'll be back home in Arkansas on Christmas Eve.

Eat hard!

Brent said...

wb :)

Matthew said...

Welcome back- I hope your trip went well! I have never been on an intl flight before but I could not imagine sitting there in my seat for 14 hours! How do you do it??

Alexis said...

I understand that feeling. As much as I believe you should see as many places as you possibly can, there are those few that I just want to return to again and again...or stay in for an extended period. I miss Prague! :)

Alexis said...

Oh, and welcome back! You've been missed!

Nola said...

I love, Love, LOVE you're father's saying about life being like a book. LOVE IT!!!!

Welcome home; you were missed :)

abbagirl said...

i think both you and your dad each have a valid point. ;)



Valley Girl said...

Oh, man! I wish I could've come, too!!!

Yeah, I did a lot of eating, too. Off to do my quick home workout before The Hills...

Princess Pointful said...

What does one even do when they wake up at 4am?
Besides early morning yoga...?

the frogster said...

I follow the maxim "Eat Hard and Take a Nap While Others Are Working and Playing Hard."

Works for me.

Stealth said...

Yay - you're back! That was rough. Your dad sounds like a man who has a plan. I love to travel! So glad you had a good holiday. (and even happier that you're back).


Michelle said...

glad you had a good trip! welcome back!

i like the quote you put up from your dad. i think that is so true. i haven't travelled much and i feel like there is so much i'm missing out on!

ana said...

welcome back! and add me to your long list of readers...I love travelling.But since I'm this stuck in life right now, travel pictures will do, share.

Hmm, I've been living by your family motto last couple of months, and not going to the gym, shame on me!!!

mcgee said...

welcome back!!

meleah rebeccah said...

Hey! Welcome back!

Glad you had a nice time...

Traveling is exhausting.

cooper said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and hope you can catch up on the sleep. That is always the hard part.

I await the stories.

Katana said...

welcome welcome back!

dcr said...

Welcome back. Hope you had an enjoyable time.

Guess it's time to start tagging you with stuff again. Muhahahahaha...

keeyit said...

haha.. you r back !! I wan to see photos... upload some to let us see ya :)

Joanne said...

Pete: Thanks! Haha, you are quick…early bird gets the worm. ;)

MissMrs: LOLs, work it slow? Take a few vacation trips there to make him fall in love with it, too?

Lisa: Hahaha, yup. We love it and we’re picky about it. There’s some Chinese slang for it, like having Emperor’s tongue, lols. We specifically travel to places FOR the food.

Vy: Sometimes, you know me too well. Scary thought, eh? Yeah, I didn’t make it. My days consist of sleep and work, appetites all whacked due to the time difference as well.

Kath: Girl, I missed YOU.

Dailytri: Aw, thank you! Yeah, I think even going to the same place/country, it’s hard to have the “same” vacation. One city has so many different things to offer, let alone an entire country.

Mike: Haha, it must be some kind of bad that I’m used to 14 hr flights now. It’s not that bad actually. The only thing I really have to complain about that is how yuck the airplane makes my clothes smell afterwards.

Susie: You know, it’s interesting when you search for it, all the different and often unexpected opportunities that turn up. Sometimes thinking one’s job is a constraint could be a constraint in itself. Totally with you on living in/going to different places, I love the excitement.

Mike G: Haha, being a sailor sounds like you’ve got loads of stories to tell. I can’t imagine long ship trips, though. My family isn’t big on cruises, boat trips and whatnot. I think it might have something to do with our sun-phobia, hm.

Brent: Oh, it’s good to “see” you’re here! ;)

Matt: Hahaha, it’s definitely taken some getting used to. It helps to get up and stretch in the back of the plane. Usually though, there’s plenty of media distractions: movies, music, videos, games. Hell, a passenger doesn’t have enough time to sleep sometimes!

Alexis: Yes! I’m so glad you understand! I feel like after visiting a place so many times, even though it’s different from saying that you’ve lived there…I still start to feel a sort of love and pride for certain places. Hahaha, my Japanese friends tease me whenever I say, “Oh, we’re going back to Japan this break.” Like, going back as in I (a Chinese American with family roots in Taiwan) am from there!! Didn’t even realize I did that, haha.

Nola: Haha, thanks! My dad does indeed love his analogies. We appreciate it, too, but sometimes he goes on a long roundabout way of saying things that drives my mom’s patience crazy, “Get to the point already!” LOLs.

Abba: Hahaha, thank you. =)

VG: LOL, oh and I did so much eating, too! Was careful this time to make sure I didn’t overeat and stayed healthy…didn’t want to suffer from food poisoning or something, got a sensitive stomach.

Princess Pointful: Hahaha! I’m such a lazy bum, didn’t do that. I ate, caught up with some blog-reading/20SB, practiced some Japanese…and shower? Egads, I’m so unexciting! ;)

Frogster: HAHA. Eat ought to be considered a form of play, too…no?

Shannon: Ohh, haha you’re so right…he always has a plan and good foresight. My mom’s the one who has enough impulsiveness for the BOTH of them. Traveling is so friggin’ exciting, huh? I can NEVER fall asleep easily the night before because I’m way too excited!

Michelle: Totally know what you mean. Sometimes, it’s not just traveling that makes me feel like there’s so much more I need to see and experience…it’s like, everything! Don’t know if that makes any sense whatsoever, I think that’s why I dub it as continually having qtr-life crises, lols.

Ana: Oh! But you are already on my list. I think I found your blog sometime back through 20SB, really admired the cool header for each posts you’ve got on Eclectic Closet. Have added your FAB-ulous blog to my Aesthetic Indulgences now…mm, I love looking at fashion!

Mcgee: Thanks! =D

Meleah: Haha, sure is. The irony never fails to amuse me, though…of how we travel to relax, but often exhaust ourselves!

Coop: Yeah, that’s what I’ve learned from past experiences. So, I’ve been sleeping like there’s not tomorrow! It helps, but the adjusting to the time difference has no quick-fix, unfortunately.

Katana: Haha, thank you!

Dan: Aw, it’s almost sweet how you’re so evil. *grins*

Keeyit: Yup, I sure am. And it’s good to be back! =)

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