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Monday, October 13

Possibly the only good thing I'm addicted to...

Okay, I gotta confess.

Although, this might not seem like news since my range of blogging topics is even more woeful when I update so sporadically, I know. Or maybe--oh wait, I'm on the verge of getting off track...

Right. Back to the possibly not-so-new newsflash:

I am addicted to group exercise classes. And I mean addicted.

Like I feel I'm this zombie with a crappy attitude when I don't go the gym at least once a day. Which basically means I don't feel good unless some muscle part of my body is proclaiming "I'm going to ache like a whiny bitch today."

But! I think I've reached my goal of being able to 10 full-length push-ups now!!

I say *think* because honestly I'm not quite sure and my arms are still in recovery, so I can't exactly test it out. You see, for the Cardio Sculpt Interval workout during our staff in-service/training on Sunday, we had to do this sequence of exercises* and increase the number of repetitions by one more after each time through. I started collapse-rolling over into my crunches after round 3 and then just flat-out collapsing in my push-ups after round 7.

So probably I'm just inflating the number to make myself feel better, but I know I can definitely do 5 full-length, 100% proper push-ups!

Anyways. This is a BIG deal, I tell you, for a girl who used to flex her arm and people couldn't tell she was flexing. And then upon closer inspection, they could push the muscle it down.

With one finger.

Hm...I need find some people to play some pick-up [basketball] games with because if I could be the shooter with those sort of arms of back then (and I was trained to shoot with the ball above my head instead by the ear, go figure), then MAN! I oughta be on fire fiya now, haha.

Okay, now I'm getting distracted again. I should probably get back to my work anyhow so I can go to bed at a decent hour tonight. I stayed up late finishing a looooong "mini" grant proposal and didn't crash into bed until 3:20 AM this morning.

YET, yours truly still went to her group exercise class today to have her butt kicked.

And we think old habits are the only ones that die hard.

*jump back into a push-up, jump up into a jumping jack, squat with 8 lbs weights in lifted arms, push-up, forward crunch, knee-high jumps. REPEAT.

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Miss Marie said...

I am the same way, I LOVE classes! And once I start going, if I miss a day I feel like shit.

Magari said...

So I saw your posts in September and was like "yay, shes back!", then nothing, now some more posts...

I'm hopeful for more :)

Either way, I can relate to this post for sure. If I'm not nursing some kind of muscle pain during the week my mind starts to wander to places I'd rather it not go. They say humans are creatures of habit, and while I hate to fit any stereotype, I accept this one to a point.

I do hope you keep blogging. I enjoy the personality you portray on your webpage. First of all you still have the most unique widget I've ever seen. Oh, and I love the song you linked in the previous post.

I think thats it for now, just know you still have some readers :)

Anonymous said...

I might be interested.

Greeneyezz said...

Hi Joanne,

I left you something on my blog.
I tried looking for an email address here, but didn't know if you just don't have one listed or not. (I couldn't find it.) :)


(And welcome back.)


Anonymous said...

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