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Sunday, July 22

Chronically Late

It’s almost been a week since this surprising voicemail, I know.

Trust me, writing about what happened afterwards is definitely not the only thing I’ve been putting off these past couple of days. I’m pretty damn sure I'm pissing Zig off (the older-brother-like friend I used to be sweet on, mentioned here in Houdini's Act III) by having yet to respond to his two voicemails left this week. And, I’ve yet to respond to Olivia’s kind email, or yap it up with Holly as I promised last week.

I guess now it’d be a good time to stop procrastinating. To ‘fess up.

He actually called again the next day while I was taking a nap. And, I made the split-second decision to pick it up.

So, we chit-chatted. For FORTY MINUTES.

I’ve been mulling over it (as per usual), and was trying to figure out…yes, it seems to have taken the ENTIRE week…how I felt about it since my initial reaction was decidedly good, with only a tad(?) bad.

When I finally felt ready to write some semblance of coherent thought (and even possibly a tentative self-summation of the current situation).....

.....BAM! I received another postcard from him today.

SNAIL MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As if you can't tell by the overuse of exclamation points, I LOVE snail mail. Which I gushed (and thanked him for) via email when his first postcard surprised me sometime late-June.

On the down side, I’m back to being unsure yet of how I feel. Interestingly, my efforts at moving on have made headway, but...something is still bothering me.

I'm not sure what exactly, but given my track record, it usually ain't something good. That much I'm at least sure of.

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